Looking for a chill guild to have fun with


Alright, I think the time has come for me to leave my guild, because it is definition of a dead guild. Was wondering if any guilds were recruiting. I just want a chill guild that talks in the guild chat but doesn’t use the f word as every third word they say. I have 4 8/8s, 1 7/8. I can run cults but I only run mbc/void if I have a throwaway character I don’t care about, which I don’t have rn. I play about an hour every day and my time zone is EDT. Oh and I require the guild to speak English lol. I have 7700 alive fame atm. I am usually only on usw3 or a key popping server. Not sure if there is anything else I should put, so if u have any questions feel free to ask


Adamant is always open
our requirements are: use discord, and be a nice person
look us up on realmeye guild search