Looking for a "End Tier" Guild


Hey, my name is Alex and I’m looking for a guild.

I have 15 Chars (2 8/8, 3 6/8, etc) with top gear and 2 legendary pets (soon a divine^^).
I’m online everyday for several hours and know every dungeon very well (except void).

I’m mostly active on EUSW but I also play a lot on US servers since I play a lot at night.

So I’m looking for a pretty active guild who runs tons of dungeons (I have a lot of spare keys as well).

Have a great day


And I speak English, French, German and Luxemburgish^^



I’d offer you a place in my guild but it looks like you want a really active guild with a bunch of good players.


Hi Alex,

You most certainly fit the requirements for our for now small but hopefuly soon to be a top guild.We have experience on all dungeons but we don’t pop keys that often.We run events on realm discords such as the last parasitre chambers event.We are mostly active on EUSW and we’d love to have a player such as urself in our guild.
Please let me know if you wish to join our guild either by replying here, pming me in game or in realmeye if I am not available.I will answer you as soon as possible.



yo theres an invite to my guilds discord link. We’re the top guild on mw2 and we do a good amount of keys and are fairly active. We are full atm but if you wanna join the discord just to hang out and have other people to play with we enjoy new people who are chill and just enjoy the game.

You meet our reqs which is 5k alive fame, so if you are active on our discord than we’ll kick someone who isnt active on discord (its one of the biggest things we care about for our members).


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