Looking for a guild to do some fun stuff with


im looking for a guild, my IGN is Threescary. Im looking for a guild that i can do dungeon runs with and pop keys for and just genrally have a lot of fun with. im not that good at o3 yet tho so i might get popped if we ever do o3 runs. Other than that though, i love to run halls and fungals for the loot and i am pretty familiar with rushing cults. I play everyday so i am very active.
time zone: eastern

ps. sorry if this is mundane idk how to write this


Popeyes might be a good guild for you if you’re interested in running high-level dungeons in small groups(nest,fungal,lh,o3). Our only reqs are joining a guild run once a week, lemme know if you’re interested


please do not double post threads, you already have one up. idk @moderators if you want to do anything.


OP posted again because he posted in the wrong section last time. @Threescary we can move the threads, no worries if you put something in the wrong category.

also in the other thread OP is just looking to do stuff here they’re looking to do fun stuff


kk thanks man. i didnt know what to do. :smile:


Sorry for the late reply Gsimon. It sounds great and the once a week guild will be nice to stock up on pots. How do I join?


We’re currently overhauling omo. If you’re looking to do small stuff join our disc :slight_smile:


ok i will check it out