Looking for a guild to pop a lotta keys


Any keys you see in this screenshot I’m wanting to pop for a nearly-full guild who is willing to run not some, but all of these dungeons minus something like Candyland which is technically infinite. I have hundreds more rare keys in my gift chests, I want to run these with a group of players who are looking to acquire a variety of loot. Cemetaries will wait until this next event starts. If you’re recruiting, feel free to message me ingame or reply to this thread. I’ll be your sugar daddy. ;))))


You can join my guild. We currently have 49 members and we are very active. Contact a leader or officer in Azinguish Inc for recruitment.


My guild is recruiting right now. Feel free to send me a message on discord Arceus#8231


My guild is recruiting too! We’re highly ranked, very active, and do many guild activities. Our discord is:

We are currently planning on having Guild Pops and Events this Saturday, so it would be awesome to have you join us!
Additionally, we’ll be starting a guild competition in the next week, so right now is an excellent time to join.


If you’re still looking, join our guild discord :slight_smile: