Looking for an active chill guild (ANY US)


Looking for an active guild, us based.

Prefer if the guild is active on discord and use it quite a bit as I want to meet members and such and be in voice for the majority of the time that i’m realmin’. Idrc about guild dungeons but would like if we could do some guild stuff together in voice and I could contribute too with keys. That’s all from me


You’re free to join the Celestine Court! We hold very passionate RotMG players that use Discord quite often, and occasionally pop keys. There’s usually a person around on VC, and if there isn’t, it’s pretty easy to invite a few guys over to it.

There’s the link for the Guild Discord, if you’re interested. I believe you have to verify and stuff before they let you in.

If you would like to see the Guild members, click below!



still lfg, if you have about 10 people with 0 alive fame in the guild im obviously not going to join. I know I’m said im looking for a for fun guild but that just shows inactivity and just overall looks bad.


If you are still looking at this time, we’d love to have you at Basilisk.
We are a USE based guild with members constantly on discord, and we regularly pop events and other dungeons. Discord is required.


The fastest way to contact me is on discord @ Toast#6939


Go ahead and pm in game sometime whenever you’re on or on discord TC#9461
I’m the founder of the #21 guild in realm right now with always at least 10 people on and run halls and dungeons everyday.


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