Looking for an active guild on any server!

  • My in game name is Kulspak!

  • I can talk English fluently

  • I have 3 8/8’s and a few that are close to 8/8

  • I can do every dungeon in the game, and I can reliably rush tombs and shatters

  • Live in sweden, so I am about 6 hours ahead of you americans. This shouldn’t be too bad, and I can still play relatively often with people from the USA

  • I can play pretty much all day, so you bet i’m going to be active


You’re welcome to join Insurgents if you want to join a chill guild. We might pop keys if we get more people (we’ve popped a few already). Just message Rhea or me on realmeye if you want to join!


lmao that was quick, didnt realize you were already in Insurgents lol


Dammit, you beat me to it.


nice pfp did you draw that


Off topic, but yeah, I did.

It’s part of an upcoming comic that I’ve been working on. I was sick of my old profile picture, so I just stuck a random new one on. It was easy, trust me.

Translation: OMFG, drawing it was so hard. I suck at art and I had to draw with a damned mouse because I’m too poor to afford a drawing tablet. It was living hell, trust me.


just draw on paper and take a photo at least that’s what i do. turns out a lot better too

and yes i sympathize with trying to draw with a mouse xd


Eh, drawing on paper’s a bit messy, especially with color.

I’ll change it to an old drawing, though. :smiley:
I didn’t like this one anyways.

EDIT: Changed my profile background because I wanted to get a bigger view of it.


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