Looking for an active guild to Join (USMW)


I recently got back into Rotmg after a bit of a hiatus. I’m looking for a guild as I think I would be a good asset. I’m currently ranked in the top 400 players without a guild at the moment if that’s any indication of experience.

I currently have 7 8/8 characters and I’m currently working on 4 more to add to that collection. All different classes but I’m an Archer main at heart.
I also have just under 20000 alive fame at the moment too.

I prefer guilds from US servers but I am willing to join EU servers if they don’t mind me playing at a different time.

If you want to contact me about recruitment, my discord is Goldblood#7041, and my IGN is Goldbloode.

(I’ve found a guild.)


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