Looking for an inclusive guild that is friendly and respectful to all of their members


It doesn’t seem like much to ask for, but at this point the game is either full of guilds with toxic elitists who only find fun in trying to play the game as optimally as possible or guilds full of people that throw around inappropriate language and/or slurs (or both!!).

I’m looking for a comfortable guild where everyone, from all walks of life, is accepted. I’m sick and tired of feeling persecuted in guilds that are very clearly prejudice and prone to frequent use of slurs and other inappropriate language, or ones that shame people for not wanting to play the game like it’s a Super Mario 64 16 Star TAS.

If you are the owner of a guild that fits the description of “welcoming, respectful, and understanding” please let me know because I’d love to join. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey Isalea,

If you’ enjoy running hard dungeons in small groups(fungal/nest/lh/o3), Popeyes might be a good guild for you. We aren’t really elitists and our members are pretty friendly.Our only reqs are to join guild runs at least once a week. Lemme know if you’re interested


Wow, you got two offers in rapid succession lol; that doesn’t seem common anymore!


Hello there! I am part of a guild called S P R I N G and from my experience, the folks here are pretty friendly. They are very active and welcoming, greeting you with every chance they get. If you haven’t found a guild yet, S P R I N G would love to take you in.


I was previously in S P R I N G and had to deal with slurs being thrown around in guild chat. I’d rather not deal with that again.


That’s not good. I am sorry you had to deal with that. I hope you find the guild you are looking for, best of luck!


why are you lying?! :joy: you got popped in a cem and stopped talking to us all after !!:joy:


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I didn’t lie? Multiple guild members dropped homophobic slurs frequently in guild chat. I’m not going to put up with that. Me realizing that the guild had no redeeming qualities is what ultimately made me leave.

I think it’s fair that I got a little upset for losing characters in guild runs when I definitely shouldn’t have lost them, but that’s not the end all be all as to why I left the guild. Nothing I said in this thread is a lie. If I had screenshots from back then, I would share, but unfortunately I do not. There were definitely quite a few fa- words thrown around in guild chat and I am extremely uncomfortable with the usage of those words.

Also, there’s a major difference between swearing and using literal slurs. One is just an expression of frustration while the other is literally used to marginalize groups of people. Yeah, sorry I drop a few fu- words here and there but I certainly would never use slurs the way people do in many of the rotmg guild chats.


I can safely say that there has never been an incident in our guild discord or ingame (while I was online) where there has been prejudice specifically aimed at you or a certain group of people.

We as a guild are sorry if you felt that we had any negative intentions, negative feelings towards you, disrespected you that is and never was the case. Certainly, we’ve used some slurs and vulgar words in our discord and ingame, but no one has ever contacted me, any staff member, said anything in the discord about your displeasures with the guild.

We are proud of the community we’ve built and maintained, and continue to work towards a better community.


It’s absolutely not the fault of you or the guild as a whole so don’t feel that I’m trying to make it seem that way. It’s just a few bad apples and every guild has those. That’s kind of the issue. It’s hard to find a guild/maintain a guild without having a few bad apples and that’s what deeply disappoints me with the RotMG community as a whole. I really appreciate your response and I wish S P R I N G the best of luck in the future and hope that you can maintain a positive community where the usage of certain offensive terms is absent!