Looking for Mid-Endgame Guild


Casual veteran wanting to just hang out in discord, clear realms, and get better at the game. Very comfy with LH, meh at O3 but getting better, and never done shatters. I just started getting back into the game a few days ago so my fame is basically nothing but I can definitely hold about 3-4 8/8s consistently as well as a few 6/8s.

I play in the mornings (~10am-4pm) US Eastern time so your guild needs to be active then. I also play during the evenings sometimes (11:30 - 1) but I don’t like staying up too late. Idc about keys or guild benefits. The most important thing to me is that you’re active on discord and vc often. I solely clear realms as I hate discord raids. I love soloing cultists so I can get vials/helm runes for you.


Hello, My guild Syndiakte is currently recruiting. We are a smaller guild so far but have experienced players who can do 03s voids ect. We are very active in voice and text channels and we have a maxed ghall. not to mention people who can do 03s with you. I also need to learn shatts so yah know! feel free to join the discord and look around. https://discord.gg/SPzNQVac


Hey could you send me that invite again? I kinda rage quit for 2 weeks after dying on my ssin lol


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