Loot Boost Event Chest (Oct 19 to Oct 20)


Hi all,

We are hosting a special new Chest Event starting today until tomorrow. A loot chest will appear in the Tomb of the Ancients after you clear it. It contains all UTs and ST pieces available in the Tomb of the Ancients.

To make sure the chest spawns, don’t forget to activate the traps!
Starting: 19th of October 12:00 pm UTC / 2:00 pm CEST / 5:00 am PDT
Ending: 20th of October 6:00 pm UTC / 8:00 pm CEST / 11:00 am PDT

Here is a list of important details:

  • The Chest will spawn in the Bosses’ Room.
  • The chest doesn’t have guaranteed drops
  • You need to clear the Tomb of all enemies (and activate the traps)

The chest contains the following possible drops:

  • Ring of the Sphinx
  • Ring of the Nile
  • Ring of the Pyramid
  • Scepter of Geb
  • Book of Geb
  • Tome of Holy Protection
  • Shendyt of Geb
  • Geb’s Ring of Wisdom

BONUS: Mini Geb Skin

The Deca Team

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Character Skins and Pet Skins that drop in-game

Do you slwep?


woke up at 4 am


Yeah, was like its 6am over here lmao

And that only because I’m cramming for a test.


Not sure that this is worth the time. Call me disappointed but clearing the tomb of all enemies just to activate a chest that has only a 1% chance of anything in it seems like way way too much work and time.

For all the DECA event chests that I helped activate in Davys and Trenches I only ever got a couple of pots so for me it seems completely pointless.


Duo’d one, we both got 0 from chest


Same here, 4people on chest, no one got loot.


thanks for the formatting change @doc i’ll be sure to post them this way in the future.


6 of us did 3 tombs, sad to say that none of us got anything in the 3 tombs we did together. I am done clearing them. kill bosses and leave from now on.


It should seriously have at least 1 guaranteed life pot


well personally i rather have it have super low than have high drop rates.


but it’s not worth doing so we just won’t


this event about the uts seem meh, i never liked rushing into a crowded server to do a dungeon. I look forward to fame fashion box, but thats about it


If the skins in these event chests are going to be SB I’d prefer give them a much higher drop rate in the chest, so basically everyone who participates in the event is able to loot one.

I’m thinking how it compares to Anatis & Cleg from the April Fools Chicken Oryx event which are also SB. Not guaranteed loot, but if you are persistant and do a lot during the event you should end up with one, instead of the disappointment of 0 which these chests are giving for the most part.

That could give a better feeling to the event. It is frustrating to clear a dungeon like tomb, while constantly thinking you aren’t going to get any reward.


I have not noticed any drop rates increased. Even when there are a lot of people at an event the drops seem like usual, non-existent.
I will say that the Brown Slime god seems more plentiful which is nice.

Double the drop rate of 0.0001 to 0.0002 is still approximately 0. Just another DECA event lots of hype and nothing to show


i guessed it was that, but i heard tons of people getting qots, and whats with these super non-rewarding events


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