Loot drop = better white bag chance?


People always say use loot drops for dungeons like in lost halls… and technically loot drops dont say you have a better whitebag chance. It really only says you have a better chance of getting loot… Does this mean loot drops arent useful for lost halls? This may be a stupid question but i’ve never thought of it…


Loot can be interchanged for a lot of words. Armors, weapons, potions, and even white bags.
So yes, loot drop does increase the chances of getting whites.


It only increases the drop, not the percentage of whitebag (or atleast it says)… I just am confused by them honestly lol


Whitebags are loot, so more loot=more whitebags


Loot drop items increase the rate that all items (except for marks, ofc) drop from enemies. You are more likely to get a white bag with the drop boost than without.


So this is funny.image


Just got my first lost halls whitebag with a loot drop. Coincidence? ahaha


All my lost halls whites came with lootdrop.
And they’re all gone now…


image >yUttM9V




ok so this happened again 1 day later (with a loot drop) first marble whiteunknown


Bruh, white bag thread this stuff


This belongs in this thread.


Yeah so I think you answered your own question


If you have loot drop you will get more whites


Got all of mine with boosters, sadly their both quivers.


This was three months ago. Please.


I know this is old, but worth pointing out that loot drop has a variable effect on pots, if pots are guaranteed. Now bosses normally drop two guaranteed pots, so if you solo or duo you are going to get a pot, loot drop or not.

It’s unclear what happens when there’s more than two people. If e.g. three people do an Abyss only 2 are guaranteed a Vit pot. Does drinking a loot drop increase your chance of getting a drop, and if so by how much? It’s unclear what affect it has, if any, on guaranteed pot drops.


I believe it works like this, to still increase your chances of getting pots:

In a 3-person abyss:
You have 2/3 chance to get one of the guaranteed Vits, this is unaffected by boosters.
The 1/3 time you miss out, the game rolls a % to see if you are going to get a Vit anyway, and THIS would be increased by 1.5x if you have a loot increase running.

So non-boosted in a 3-up abyss you have 66.6% of a guaranteed Vit plus ?% of a make-up Vit.
Boosted you would have 66% of a guaranteed Vit plus 1.5x?% of getting a make-up Vit.


Oh come on, everyone knows that kendo sticks are the best loot drop.