Loot Relevant to Wrong Class


Today while running a solo Forest Maze with my Mystic ppe ( I know, very baller of me) I happened to score a pink bag containing a t3 staff and a t1 spell. This is peculiar because this dungeon always drops a t1 ability for the class that gets sb. In this case it’s only me, a Mystic, who should be getting an orb.

I have felt that rotmg does not accurately interpret character classes when generating loot relevant to class, but this is the first time I have been able to measure this phenomenon. I have not been able to recreate this after giving it a couple of tries. When the t1 spell dropped instead of orb I did not use my orb during the fight with the boss or possibly the entire dungeon. I will follow up if I get another “wrong drop” for my class from this dungeon’s boss.


I just got a replication, getting a t1 skull this time. I predict it will drop either a spell, skull, or orb since I believe the game still knows I’m using a staff and can guess which ability I might use on a staff class. Will keep posting if any more weirdness arises.


I don’t think it guarantees only dropping items for your class, just strongly favours them in dungeons. E.g. in Spiders Den which I often do for pots, the mix seems to be at least 50% stuff for my class, but a good portion maybe 30% stuff I can’t use. But things drop often enough you’re very likely to get a complete set of gear you can use. The boss also can drop slightly better gear, including a t3 ability.


Yeah, I cleared it up with the wiki discord, it seemed that someone editing the Megamoth page assumed it was guaranteed and marked it as such.