Lost Halls 2.0


I’d like to first off apologize for how long this has taken, we originally intended on testing this sooner but ran into a few hurdles on the way.
Without wasting any seconds let me tell you what’s new!

Lost Halls


  • Updated the aesthetic of the dungeon, from walls tiles to monsters, almost everything was touched up, we’ve also added a bunch of different wall and tiles variants to mix it up.
  • Some Enemies like Grotto Bats and Evil Spirits now hover above ground!

Map Generation

  • Dungeon is much smaller now, there’s a lot less dead-ends and all of them are now meaningful.
  • Room size has been increased from 13 by 13 to 17 by 17, boss room has also received the same treatment!
  • New room type have been introduced: Hazard and Bonus rooms, Hazard rooms contain an additional hazard to challenge the player, Bonus rooms contain a helpful entity that benefits the player.
  • Hazard Room types: Water, Ice, Pure Evil, Hole(Un-walkable Tiles), Destructible Wall, Marble Colossus Pillar (Turret), Marble Colossus Eye (AoE Effect), Arrow Trap, Grenade Trap. There’s 20 variants of each.
  • Bonus Room types: Marble Pillar (Turret), Marble Eye (AoE Effect). There’s 4 variants of each.
  • Spawn Room no longer contains Marble Walls but a new destructible pillar that opens the way similar to the Shatters Switches, has HP Scaling.


  • Respawn system has been completely removed, once a family is dead it’s now gone for good!

  • HP Scaling has been applied to all monsters, Base HP values have been adjusted to make up for it.

  • Revamped Status Immunity: Minions are Immune to only Stun, Leaders are Immune to Stasis and Paralyze.

  • Revamped Invulnerability: Minions no longer have any, Leaders have a very short window during phase transition.

  • Class Targeting has been removed, it did not perform as expected and was causing additional issues without bringing much to the table.

  • Adjusted damage, shot speed, range, status effects and more across the board, I won’t be going into too much details but i’ll bring up what I consider important.

  • Adjusted EXP.

  • Lost Crusaders

    • Soldiers no longer armor pierce.
    • Shipwrights no longer cause Pet Stasis.
    • Explorers no longer cause Sick, only Armor Break.
    • Commander of the Crusade now has some more progression to its behavior, respawns some Crusaders when low on health.
    • Commander no longer heals the other Crusaders.
  • Oryx Infantry

    • Oryx Armorbearer no longer inflict Slow.
    • Oryx Admiral no longer inflict Paralyze with its secondary attack.
    • Champion of Oryx no longer inflict Pet Stasis.
    • Oryx Armorbearers are now Armored the whole time, they also have a new secondary attack.
    • Oryx Swordsman attack pattern has been tweaked.
    • Oryx Admiral now backs off while shooting its secondary attack before charging players once more.
    • Champion of Oryx’s attack is now omni-directional, he also now slowly wanders around and follows players on its last phase.
  • Grotto Beasts

    • Grotto Rat and Grotto Bat now only inflict Pet Stasis.
    • Grotto Rat and Grotto Bat now leave non-moveable projectile (similar to Void Blade) instead of using contact damage.
    • Grotto Bats still charge towards players but at a much lower speed than before.
    • Grotto Rats now just move around randomly while ignoring players.
    • Grotto Slimes now aim directly at player and no longer inflict any Status Effects.
    • Introducing Grotto Blob! This is now the Leader of the Grotto Beasts.
    • Grotto Blob attack with 3-way laser that deals quiet rotating around the room, it regularly spawns other Grotto Beasts.
  • Lost Golems

    • Golem of Anger now is much less aggressive, it no longer Armor Breaks or Bleed, but its shots now pierce armor.
    • Golem of Sorrow now tries to keep its distance from player, it no longer deals any status effects.
    • Golem of Fear now rotates around a very small circle ignoring player movements, one of its attack still deals Petrify, but the other one no longer inflict Confused, it starts circling players on low health.
    • Tormented Golem now moves and chases the player before returning to the center of its room and then finally charging, all dependent on Health Remaining.
    • Tormented Golem no longer has any grenade attacks and no longer deal paralyze.
  • Misc

    • Spectral Sentry now lasts only 45 seconds and is also slightly slower.
    • Spectral Sentry now gives fame upon its disappearance to those close-by.

Marble Defender

  • Brand new mini-boss that replaces the destructible walls before the Marble Colossus.
  • Now drops the Brain of the Golem instead of Marble Colossus.

Marble Colossus

  • Tweaked and polished most of the phases, to make it simpler i’ll only bring up the bigger changes.
  • Survival Phases are now Marble Core Phases. To continue the fight you need to destroy the Marble Cores alive instead of simply waiting around.
  • Added Curse Pillar (Red), Bleeding is now Pink.
  • Explosive Rocks now follow players before exploding.
  • Marble Rocks now have all the different pillar effects and switch randomly after some time.
  • Added a brand new additional Finale.

Cultist Hideout

Agonized Titan

  • Added a second “phase” to slightly spice up the fight.
  • Evil Spirits should be harder to grief.


  • Updated monster sprites, added brand new wooden beam to add to the atmosphere.

Map Generation

  • Reduced the amount of rooms.


  • Added HP Scaling, tweaked Base HP to make up for it.

  • Followers

    • Added Purple Cultist (replacing Black Cultists as the Follower of Argus), uses the same attack as the old one but does not summon demons.
    • Black Cultist now is Follower of Valus, still summon demons but its attack has been tweaked and now deals darkness.
    • Added Green Cultist as Follower of Phaedra, inflict Sick on player.
  • Boss

    • Malus and his fellow cultists now use shape based attacks, the amount increase as the fight progresses.
    • Molek has received some adjustments to make the fight more interesting.
    • Malus also uses shape attacks when he’s under half HP in his second form!
    • Minion spawn rate has also been adjusted.

The Void


  • Updated tiles sprites.


  • Added HP Scaling, tweaked Base HP to make up for it.

  • Minions

    • Void Fragments now reach the platform much faster, evolution times have been tweaked and are now more consistent.
    • All minions no longer deal Darkness but Curse instead, they can also now hit multiple players.
    • All minions are now immune to no status effects, all special interactions with the different effects have been removed due to them not performing as intended.
    • Void Fragment now shoot players close to them.
    • Greater Void Shade now have 1 much more powerful shot instead of their previous pattern.
  • Void Entity

    • Increased Timer from 8 minutes to 10 minutes.
    • Adjusted a few attacks to provide a more fair fight.
    • Void Entity is no longer Invulnerable when in the middle of the arena, it however is always armored now.
    • Void Vortex, Void Laser and Void Shots now deal less damage but also Silence players.
    • Fixed Void Shot spiral attack not behaving as intended.
    • Fixed a situation where Void Entity did not check to transition to its final phase and could thus be insta-killed.
    • Minion Centre attack has been changed to be more fair.
    • Lead up to the Final Phase has been made much faster.
    • Fixed Void Vortexes stacking in the Final Phase, attacks now leave a bigger window before each other.
    • Greater Void Shade during the Final Phase now spawn behind players.
    • Added a Rage Phase.


  • Added HP Scaling (10%), tweaked Invulnerability times and Base HP.
  • Severely reduced damage dealt by the Lost Sentry, Spectral Sentry remains unaffected and is the Encounter’s biggest threat.
  • Added 3 new attacks.
  • Arena has been made bigger to go with the bigger dungeon size but also to provide for more room for error.


While I currently have nothing to announce in terms of specific changes to Items, I can now confirm that Item Changes are on the way! If you have some thoughts about the current ones and how to change them be sure to leave feedback on that as it’s gonna be one of your last chances!

I’ve recently spent some time on making sure to nail the feel of the dungeon more than its difficulty, the current iteration on PT might seem too easy in some places and too hard in others, your feedback, ideas and suggestions will be incredibly important here!

I’m more than excited to hear your thoughts about the changes, I believe it’s already a big improvement compared to the Production version but together we can make it even better!

As always, this is an in development build and everything is subject to change, that’s what Testing is for.

2018-04-17 Update

You can find all the original changes above, here are listed all the changes made after last PT.


  • Adjusted various projectile sprites to improve their visibility.

Map Generation

  • Dungeon has been made even smaller.
  • Marble Pillars located in the spawn room are now always visible on the mini-map.


  • Lost Crusaders and Spectral Sentry are no longer able to spawn in the first room.
  • Lost Crusaders are now more spread out.
  • Adjusted Crusader’s range and projectile speed.
  • Grotto Bats have been made more agressive, has a new shot sprite.
  • Grotto Rats now Quiet instead of Pet Stasis.
  • Commander of the Crusade’s max speed has been slightly reduced.
  • Oryx Armorbearer HP has been reduced from 4500 to 4000.
  • Oryx Admiral HP has been reduced from 4000 to 3750.
  • Champion of Oryx now has a small delay before spawning enemies.
  • Grotto Slime HP has been reduced from 4000 to 3500.
  • Grotto Slime damage has been reduced from 170 to 130.
  • Grotto Blob’s shot no longer quiets, no longer has a sick grenade.
  • Grotto Blob now starts with 2 Grotto Slimes.
  • Golem of Fear’s orbit radius has been increased.
  • Golem of Anger now use its secondary attack even if no players are there.
  • Tormented Golem now shoots a full omni-directional blast on its first phase whether players are present or not.
  • Spectral Sentry now teleport towards the nearest player every 15 seconds.


  • Marble Defender: 200 DMG -> 150 DMG with 2 sec Silenced.
  • Marble Colossus’ Lasers have been reduced from 8 to 6.
  • Explosive Rocks now play a sound before exploding.
  • Explosive Rocks now have a visible crack shortly before exploding.
  • All explosive rocks now explode after a certain time.
  • Marble Pillars now use Omni and Spiral attacks just like the rage phase starting from the lead up to the final marble core phase.

Agonized Titan & Evil Spirits

  • Evil Spirits now disappear and teleport to the Agonized Titan’s room upon freeing them.
  • Other Evil Spirits are no longer revealed on the mini-map.
  • Once all of them have been freed an invisible timer will start after which the Agonized Titan will activate. (Currently 45s)

Cultist Boss

  • Shot speed has been increased.


  • Void Fragment HP has been reduced from 3500 to 3000.
  • Void Shade HP has been reduced from 7000 to 6000.
  • Greater Void Shade HP has been reduced from 14000 to 12000.
  • Void Shade evolution timer has been reduced from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • Greater Void Shade damage: 190 -> 135 Armor Pierce.
  • All Void minions Curse and Pet Stasis has been put to 3 seconds.
  • Fight Timer has been reduced from 10 to 8 minutes.
  • Adjusted throw location for Void Shades on the Final Phase.
  • Adjusted damage required to the Void Entities on the Final Phase.
  • Increased Void Entity’s health pool on the Final Phase.
  • Void Vortex projectile speed and fire-rate has been increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Spawn Marble Pillar no longer blink from vulnerable to invulnerable if a player is invisible near it.
  • Marble Rocks no longer move north when not intended.
  • Fixed Marble Eye’s zone particles not working (only works without Particles Master disabled)

2018-05-15 Update

Thanks for the countless feedback and passion throughout both the development of Lost Halls and its rework, we’ve finally reached a state that we are happy with and we hope you’ll agree with us that it’s a major improvement over the original version! What you have on Public Testing is a near final version which means a release should follow soon, as in end of the month soon!

Many of you have been asking about item changes ever since we announced this rework and we’ve been quite silent on that aspect for all this time, until now!


Please note that items will be made available to you later on in the session, so don’t worry about it for now and go test other things first!

Sword of the Colossus:

  • Updated Sprite
  • Shots: 1
  • Damage: 280–295
  • Projectile Speed: 10 tiles/seconds
  • Range: 4.5 tiles
  • Amplitude: 1 -> 0.7 tile(s)
  • Frequency: 0.5 cycle(s)/shot

Marble Seal:

  • Marble Pillar now is an Eye of Marble to be consistent with dungeon changes
  • Updated sprite for Marble Pillar to Eye of Marble
  • Summon an Eye of Marble for 4.5 seconds
  • Eye Effect: Armored within 3 -> 4 tiles
  • Eye Effect: Damaging within 3 -> 4 tiles
  • On Equip: +5 DEF
  • Cooldown: 5.5 seconds
  • MP Cost: 135

Breastplate of New Life:

  • On Equip: +12 DEF
  • On Equip: +160 HP

Magical Lodestone:

  • Updated sprite
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 DEF
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 DEX
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 ATT
  • On Equip: +5 -> +6 SPD

Staff of Unholy Sacrifices:

  • Shoots backwards
  • Shots: 4
  • Damage: 130-155
  • Projectile Speed: 11.5 tiles/second
  • Range: 8.05 tiles
  • Shots hit multiple targets
  • Rate of Fire: 50 -> 55%

Skull of Corrupted Souls:

  • Radius: 2.25
  • Damage (with WIS < 50): 100
  • Damage (with WIS ≥ 50): 100 + (WIS - 50) * 4.2 -> 100 + (WIS - 50) * 5
  • Effect: Curse for 4 seconds
  • Heal Range: 4.2 (+0.8 tiles for every 10 WIS above 50)
  • Steals 80 HP and ignores 40 defense
  • On Equip: +6 VIT
  • On Equip: +66 HP
  • MP Cost: 100

Ritual Robe:

  • On Equip: +10 DEF
  • On Equip: +5 ATT
  • On Equip: +12 -> +15 WIS
  • On Equip: +40 MP

Bloodshed Ring:

  • On Equip: +80 -> 100 HP
  • On Equip: +5 DEF
  • On Equip: +5 WIS

Bow of the Void:

  • Shots: 1
  • Damage: 135–205 -> 165-235
  • Projectile Speed: 15 -> 16 tiles/seconds
  • Range: 6.23 -> 5.6 tiles
  • Amplitude: 0.35 tiles
  • Frequency: 0.2 cycles/shot
  • Shots hit multiple targets

Quiver of the Shadows:

  • Shots: 5
  • Arc Gap: 8 degree
  • Damage: 200-250 -> 400-500
  • Projectile Speed: 16 tiles/seconds
  • Range: 10 tiles
  • True Range: 1.74 tiles
  • Shots hit multiple targets
  • Ignores defense of target
  • On Equip: +2 DEF
  • On Equip: -2 SPD
  • MP Cost: 90 -> 80

Armor of Nil:

  • On Equip: +21 DEF
  • On Equip: -2 SPD
  • On Equip: -2 DEX -> 0 DEX


  • Updated Sprite
  • On Equip: 80 HP -> 110 HP
  • On Equip: 80 MP -> 110 MP
  • On Equip: 4 -> 6 SPD

Carved Golem Remains:

  • Updated Sprite
  • Shots: 1
  • Damage: 120–130
  • Projectile Speed: 14 tiles/second
  • Range: 6.3 tiles

Brain of the Golem:

  • Decoy does not move
  • Duration: 7 seconds
  • Explosion: Dazed for 2 seconds within 1.75 tiles
  • On Equip: -2 -> 0 ATT
  • On Equip: -2 -> 0 DEX

Golem Garments

  • On Equip: +14 DEF
  • On Equip: +4 -> +8 ATT
  • On Equip: +7 VIT

Rusty Cuffs

  • On Equip: +40 -> +70 HP
  • On Equip: +5 DEF
  • On Equip: +5 SPD
  • On Equip: +5 -> 0 VIT

Lost Golem Set Bonus:

  • On Equip: +40 HP
  • On Equip: +3 DEF
  • On Equip: +15 VIT
  • On Equip: +6 -> +10 ATT
  • On Equip: +5 DEX

Cloak of Bloody Surprises:

  • Effect: Invisible for 4.5 seconds
  • Effect: Slowed for 3 seconds
  • Effect: Damaging -> +25 ATT for 3.5 seconds
  • On Equip: +2 DEF
  • On Equip: +2 VIT
  • MP Cost: 95
  • Cooldown: 6 seconds


  • Effect on use: Stasis for 3 seconds within 3.25 -> 6 tiles

Vial of Pure Darkness:

  • Updated Sprite

…and of course:

Omnipotence Ring:

  • On Equip: 60 HP -> 80 HP
  • On Equip: 60 MP -> 80 MP
  • On Equip: 3 ATT -> 4 ATT
  • On Equip: 3 DEF -> 4 DEF
  • On Equip: 4 SPD
  • On Equip: 4 DEX
  • On Equip: 5 VIT -> 4 VIT
  • On Equip: 5 WIS -> 4 WIS

Misc Changes

  • Fixed Marble Colossus Tentacles going faster than intended.
  • Nerfed Explosive Rock spawn rate on the final few phases.
  • Cultists now have black square instead of being invisible during movement.
  • Marble Colossus’ charge attack’s range has been reduced by a decent amount to avoid no reaction time.
  • Removed all immunities on Cultist minions.
  • Reduced range of Spectral Sentry on the Encounter to avoid shots clipping through the walls.
  • Improved handling of death animation for the Spectral Sentry (Encounter).
  • Updated Esben room in the final Void Transformation based on the recent Ice Cave changes.
  • Void Entity now self-destructs after 25 seconds on the Piñata phase. (Still drops Loot and give EXP!)
  • Updated Guill Lines.

PT #3 Polish
Public Testing Status: Closed
My thoughts on LH 2.0
Public Testing #5 - Status: Closed



We’re so thrilled to finally be getting this out in the open to everyone! I’ll spare you all a text wall this time since Kidd has covered all that already. :slight_smile:

A whole lot has changed (even since the previous update thread), so we really hope you’ll enjoy this new version. To reiterate something Kidd said, there are no UT changes currently, but they will happen before the final release to production. Please be sure to share your thoughts regarding any of the current items and how you feel they could be altered!

added brand new wooden beam to add to the atmosphere.

Also, this is the single most important change in the entire update. It just wouldn’t be complete without the addition of these decorative wooden beams.


Looks good guys, can’t wait to see it. Especially excited about HP scaling.

Will these changes make guild runs more realistic in the future? (I know they will, I just need confirmation)


Sourcestone needs a buff, and a new Sprite would be cool aswell. I got one and i was literally so triggered, but when it gets buffed it may actually be a “very” good ring. Maybe make it like a buffed Nile or something like that. Gonna use it on my Rogue.


Just out of curiosity, what kind of issues was it causing? I really liked the concept, and with HP scaling introduced I’d have thought smaller groups running would make the implementation of this more interesting.

Looking forward to testing! Knight seems a lot more useful now, especially in void :+1:


It was causing a bunch of issue with movement speed being inconsistent, Class Targeting as a whole is not a bad idea, but the implementation for Halls was added later on during development and thus that was not specifically designed for it which limited the control I had over monster behavior and the potential of Class Targeting, it doesn’t really work with the LH Layout.

I absolutely do want to toy around more with Class Targeting but not for LH I’m afraid.


Like the mario looking thing running into the middle of the pack, and some other weird enemy behaviours.


Buff Omnis HP and MP from +60 to +80, otherwise it’s just another UT ring like expo and bracer, which is not very interesting. Omni was supposed to be the almighty endgame ring.


@candyshi GET ON1!1!1!1!1!!


Big Grotto Slime needs a Shrek variant for April fools. :wink: :wink: :wink:


Also what adjusted EXP means, will it be buffed or nerfed?


Oh shit


Buffed, yes.


The void bow needs some additional range, aside from the fire rate there currently isn’t much of a reason to use it over, say, dbow which is a lot easier to get.


Please up the armor on breastplate cuz it completely useless on warrior and paladin (with the whole set it’s kinda decent) and on knight it the opposite because he has really high base def 40+12 from breastplate and 12 from shield is 62 put a bracer on him and bum 68 def while warrior barely hits 50 which is what most leather classes have. Another thing is you didn’t tell us whether you are lowering or highering the xp gain in the dungeon and another thing how much will spectral sentry give upon death?


That makes sense, since players in LH would usually be clumped together, can’t really make too much use of it in that way; but it’s reassuring to know it might be used sometime in the future.


I actually agree to everything POTSACCBG said damn this boi has sense


Void bow is just fine the way it is. Dare I say it should be nerfed a little bit?


Ivailo get good
Smh Jugg and Marble Seal