Lost Halls 2.0


Will eventually be adjusted but not for this build.


Kind of related to your point, I feel like cult should have better drops. People never want to do cult because it only drops wc tops and the main reason for those who actually do it is simply to get the vial. Maybe cult minions could be buffed, or the passageway is made longer, or slightly increase boss damage and hp to account for the better drops. Maybe cult could drop all the weapons and the void could only drop the armors, or vice versa and colo has a lowered chance of dropping both weapons and armor. Something along those lines maybe.


Items won’t be changed, but will their sprites? There have been a couple small one’s leaked before



We did tweak a few item sprites, but I don’t think it really needed a special mention.


when exactily is PT gonna open up


This certainly would encourage a lot of leechers sadly, but at the same time it’s going to be really useful for cult runs since now you can have everyone clearing instead of 2/3 of the people standing around being useless crumbs.


finally i hated lost halls but now i can have fun doings them


I hope they remove the infernal -2 att and -2 dex on the ST prism!


Is there less lag? I hope so.


I wonder if they will make marble colossus drop better pots more consistently.




RotMG with less lag? What kind of monstrosity is that?


I really want to test it.


Well first of all i am very excited!
I like all the changes made except Spectral Sentry’s shortened timer, would like it to be around 70-80 seconds instead which would make the fight still scary and hard but most groups would be able get him trapped within that time so i agree with shortening it a bit.
For item changing i would like a bit of a buff on Breastplate either def or something else like some extra spd or att to compensate for it being a bit weaker than t13 and t14.
I would also like to give an idea for the brain of the golem, instead of placing the decoy on your position it could place it on your cursor (perhaps lower the range of it to avoid griefing).
Just my thoughts on everything, i’m looking forward to hopping online soon!


Why is golem of anger less agressive now? Isn’t it supposed to be extremely pissed off or something? It’s the golem of anger after all so why make it calmer?

Also while most of the changes are great, imo a bit too many things have been nerfed, and some nerfs were too significant. LH is the current peak endgame after all goddammit!

Btw why doesn’t the golem of fear run away from players? That would’ve been a really nice touch, and also there’s not that many monsters that kite you out there, and it just makes sense. How did noone come up with that? ¯\(ツ)/¯

Im not gonna touch on the changes made to the bosses because i just haven’t fought them yet, but the mobs (aside from some unlucky scenarios) aint that bad.


Looking good! I do indeed look forward to these changes in the near future.


I know you guys must get this a lot, but is the Ring of Omnipotence getting a buff? For such a rare ring and considering that it’s actually endgame, I’d have expected the stats of the ring to be a bit better than just a reskin of the nile with just a minor defense and attack boost.


I like that HP/MP pots now show the max you can have of them, a nice aesthetic change (though…is that a seperate update?)


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