Lost Halls 2.0


I find that odd. In my experience, maybe 1 out of 10 realms have their Nest events cleared.

I find Shatts to be much easier than the Nest, but I guess that’s just me.
I’ll never get that dagger without joining a stupid discord :cry:


It happens more often when you give them a push (aka I destroy all the mini hives and then call it pointing out the lack of mini hives)


And what reason is there to spend 15 minutes doing that, when it is unlikely that enough people will go in the nest that drops for it to be successful?


Shatters can already be done, no matter the number of people.


I understand that, but it could still be reworked

Also @KevinKDW BeeQuiv/BeeHide/UpTo3Pots


I don’t like the bee hide (fed mine), and anyways, the drop rates of both of those are too low to make it worth doing the bee event solely for that. Additionally, the bee quiver has a reskin that, despite only dropping during winter events, is much more common than the bee quiver.

In the 15 minutes it would take to solo clear the hives and do the event, I could easily get 4+ rainbow pots.


I really enjoy the new Lost Sentry, really nicely done.
Very easy to do with a small group, and doesn’t take as much time whatsoever.

The void : its really end game now, very difficult, but I reckon everyone will get used to it and it’ll easily done after a while.

The cult: I really enjoy the cult also, it’s a lot easier to solo now and it gives a really good amount of fame, so you don’t just do it for a total of about 30 base.

The halls in general : I rather enjoy the new halls, its more fun to clear due to the fame gain.

Keep it up! Really good work!:slight_smile:


Actually, the beehemoth quiver IS the reskin.


I mean, freezing quiver came out first, but bee quiver is available all year round whereas freezing is not.


Thus freezing quiver is a reskin that came out first

RotMG logic


Omni’s fine as it is. It’s literally the only ring with a 7% fame bonus, and let’s not forget the fact that it’s the only item in the game that gives a decent bonus to every single stat. Sure the extra bonuses aren’t that amazing, and it’s just a nile with a few extra stats, but either way, it’s basically just a flexing item.


It’s literally the only ring with a 7% fame bonus

Ahem. https://www.realmeye.com/wiki/ring-of-unbound-love


Ah, forgot all about that little gem.


The LH 2.0 seems good, maybe just reduce a bit the Crusaders spawn rate from the Commander.
And buff the Lost Sentry HP when there isn’t a lot of player in the realm, it’s wat too easy and fast now.


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Lol, i was confused myself


Damn… a hell of a lot easier than trying to solo on a Warrior (especially with no csword). I died getting paralyzed by those wiggly yellow suns since he sat on me afterward and I thought the paralyze would wear off. NOPE. IT LASTS A LONG ASS TIME.


Ehh not really. It has a DPS wall. Try to solo on anything other than a Warrior/Ogmur knight (or Knight with maxed Divine pet since that gives you mad DPS with shield spam). Even duo or trio can be very difficult with low DPS classes. Once you’re past first though it’s mostly doable with any class.

All they need to do is add HP scaling to the Stone Paladins at first and boom it’s viable.


Sorry for reply spam.

LH 2.0 (2.1?)

Much better bat/rat differences. A+

Slime rooms aren’t absolutely dreadful now since smaller slimes gravitate toward you. A+

That big golem dude with the yellow shots (forget name) isn’t a total pushover now. Still easy though. B

The fight before the Marble C. (forgot name) is much better now with the Silencing and the patterns from the bottom corners. No longer really difficult to figure out how to dodge it like before. A

Boss is hard. I only attempted a single solo on Warrior (where’s the CSword at? Melee should start with CSwords on testing). That darn paralyze lasts a long while! Might need some Pocket Puris (holy water). -

Next testing I really want to gather a group that isn’t going to die/nexus within 30 seconds. If anyone is interested message me. Why not gather a group who is willing already even if the next PT isn’t for a month or two?