Lost Halls Portal Resprite


I thought the portal for the Lost Halls was too plain, especially for an endgame dungeon. So I quickly put together this:


Purple crystal for the Void, and red crystals for Malus.

What do you think of it?


I liked the old one better. Sometimes, simpler is better; not everything needs to be extravagant.

Let’s not forget, the LHs are supposed to be catacombs, and I feel the plain one serves the purpose better, as it resembles an arched doorway with a descending stairwell within.


Ah, fair enough. I’ll use it for my current dungeon project then.


I think @Wilhuff is right here. When the Lost Halls first came out, it was supposed to be a mysterious place that really had been “lost”. When people first set afoot in the unknown, we weren’t knowing what to expect other than it is a serious hard dungeon. The place is forgotten. We never knew that the Void or Cultist hideout was going to be. I think the somewhat castle looking portal with a hole into the darkness sets the tone. Not even Oryx knew about it. The Colossus is a foe of Oryx.


fyi we knew what to expect through public testing and sneak peeks


Well yes theres that but for new people, thats something they learn when they encounter it.


On the topic of the portal sprite, I don’t mind it, but I also don’t believe it’s fitting with the theme of the halls.
The current portal better reflects the aesthetics of the halls (interior, at least)


I like the portal, but for a new dungeon :slight_smile:


Theres an exterior?


Interior probably wasn’t the right word, I was referring to the art style inside (walls and such)


At least the current one isn’t a recolored pirate cave portal.


You leave my boy hudl alone

  • New%20Piskel%20(95) The reskinned LH portal
  • Lost HallsThe current LH portal

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I was talking about the original shatters portal, which was just a dark gray pcave.


Gave me an idea for the dungeon this could fit to: Temple of the Stone Guardians (not the oryx ones)


I mean, I’m glad my idea at least inspired someone lol


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