Lost Halls Sets Resprited


Decided to resprite sets from Lost Halls just like said in the topic, all opinions are welcome!

MBC Set is probably one I’m most happy with, but I also think Void set turned out pretty good. For Cult set I’m really not sure about how it is, however I expect it to be a little better than original, but it’s up to people to decide.




MBC whites resprite looks really beautiful. <3

NGL, they all look very modern to fit in to the game.


I absolutely love the MBC set and Void. I feel as if cult is hard to resprite because there’s not too much you can do with it. The colors used in the set i feel are hard to work with.


not a big fan of the new potato or the omni, but the rest looks good!


Apart from potato and omni these are insanely nice good job!


All the resprites look good, but there is one slight problem.
The MBC set seems a bit too shiny for the dungeon it drops from. Maybe if the Boss room was resprited as well this would be fine, but currently i don’t think it fits.


I didn’t really pay attention to it when making this set, but honestly I can completely agree with it. I already got idea how to fix it, but not sure when I’ll get some more motivation to work on it a little more x)


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