Lunar New Year Weekend Events! [Feb 8th to Feb 12th]






Yay :smile:
And mountain temple too!
And some pretty neat STs!


took me a while to find this post



A pretty menu graphic, I like the purple lines in suggestion of the Daichi room floor especially.

Still banging my head on the wall that LoD hasn’t had the simple improvement of soulbound directly on the dragons for a really obvious countermeasure to leechers. And HP scale makes this dungeon disgusting to run in a leechy group. This dungeon really is much worse for it. Even the HP scale on the standard chests allows leechers a far bigger window to join in undeservedly. It’s a big fail.


No quest for the marks? Recently the event dungeons have had a special quest for their marks from the Tinkerer, but I don’t see that yet for this one.


first LoD


I really hope they release the rework soon, hopefully with a small explanation on as to why they didn’t address this immediately/release the rework with the event.


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