(Lute, Quiver, and Trap Rework) Additional Status Effect for Bow


(Lute, Quiver, and Trap Rework) Additional Status Effect for Bow

At the moment this is just a passing thought but I keep heard about how bows in general would be difficult to truly utilize or would be stressful due to its true range being shorter than the maximum range of the weapons. So heres two ideas I came up with. These idea will be quite a stretch, mechanically (programming-wise) as well as balance wise, so bear with me.

Marked debuff on Enemies

What I thought to counteract this is what if the Bard, Archer, and Huntress had a unique debuff they applied during their abilities called “Marked”, unlike other debuffs only the Archer or Huntress who casted this debuff could see or utilize it.

Quivers would apply this Marked debuff with its projectiles, Traps with its AOE, and Lutes most likely just a very large radius or cone around the Bard. Targets that they mark would have arrows kind of curve and accelerate towards them within set radius of the enemy. The arrows technically can still miss but this would further reward the Archer and Huntress for their accuracy to make it both easier for them to land their full true damage in temporarily.

This would make Traps and Quivers more distinguished from each other as well in terms of marking targets and make it easier for the bow in general to get its damage in, as well as make Lutes more proactive in assisting the player to get more damage in. This would also be more universal for bows as multi-shot bows and single shot bows can both benefit from this.

Accurate Buff on self

The targeting system would still be much like the previously stated Marked where Quivers would apply this Marked debuff with its projectiles, Traps with its AOE, and Lutes most likely just a very large radius or cone around the Bard.

This is essentially a variation of Marked where instead of debuffing enemies, the player gains a “stack” of accuracy on each target hit. This would supposedly decrease the shot spread degree of the bow the more targets hits. Maybe certain abilities could change this, offering faster projectiles or a different way of using accuracy stacks. This seemed more applicable than marked but difficult to mechanically implement due to it being less universal or only applicable to bows which have only multiple-shot.

Some problems I do see with these ideas in general would be that it doesn’t exactly “fix” bows as a weapon as essentially every class would need these buffs and debuffs if they use the bow. However this was one of the compromises I thought would enable the player. Maybe bow classes don’t even need these buffs or debuffs. I’m also probably not the first to suggest something like marked or these ideas, but regardless I just wanted to put this thought out there.

Let me know what you think of the suggestion in the comments or what you think about the idea in the poll! I’m generally open to suggestions and thoughts to edit this idea so about this so feel free to comment what you think about it!

What do you think about the ideas?

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Do bow classes need these buffs/debuffs?

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None so far, will add as I make adjustments!


The concepts are interesting, but a buff that changes how your shots move would be more annoying that helpful. Half the game is moving your cursor around anyways.


I kind of like keeping the shots of the bows how they are. It’s always been a matter of “the closer you are, the higher the damage output” sort of gig, and it you want to play it safe, staying farther away at the cost of damage is an option. Having a loose sort of auto-aim mocks that system. I would take a straight buff to further incentivize getting closer than having this idea; no offense :3


No offense taken! This was mainly due to how some bosses seem to be somewhat difficult to get the full efficacy out the bow if one was to go up close and personal. I

t also seems a bit unfair how so many tiered bows share this sort of weakness whereas things like daggers or katanas can do their damage so much more directly than tiered bows. It might just be very stressful always continuously manage to hit the 3 shots.


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