Magic Woods Mystic Set


If it were up to me the snake pit ring woulda been buffed (granted it would be a very small buff, maybe 2 spd and 5 att so it rivals a t3 ring) a long time ago and the spider eye ring drops in an extremely easy dungeon that is also barely dangerous to find so it’s fine.


It’s not even just a godlands dungeon either, it can be found in midlands from ancients


yeah, fair enough. I’d just like to see a set that would be used a little more than by newer staff-class players. I might use the staff, but given the low buffs from the ring, I think I’d just stick with a plain tiered ring. I do love the sprites on the stuff though. I do also want to do this dungeon and collect the gear, but the likelihood of me using it is low.


Dat fkin Mystic Orb stasis time. Hope I don’t disconnected when I kill those event chests who ever gets that Orb.


fair, point. I haven’t been able to do too much of the dungeon due to my lagtop but if the dungeon is on sewer levels of difficulty, it should get a buff. we should also take the rarity of the items into account.


I think the ring could probably be given +3 for spd and dex, +4 for vit and +6 for wis. The robe could probably use +7 def and +5 dex, and +20 mp.