Maintaining light blue star post exaltation?


I want to get 16/16, without losing my light blue star rank.

To all my fellow light blue star brethren - how are you planning to maintain your light blue star status after the exaltation release?

The only solution I can think of is maxing 8/8 on different classes and completing all the end game dungeons until I’m fully exalted and then deleting the character. However there’s a high risk of potentially dying (especially all those o3 runs) and ranking up. Are you guys going to try for full exaltation, or just ignoring exaltations and staying low rank?


spoilers: you cant


sad day for us Light Blue Stars :pensive:

Though there is most likely no way to reach 16/16 exaltation unless it keeps your progress across multiples of the same class


it is likely impossible due to the fact that even if u delete the characters, then u would accumulate an egregious amount of fame just by running the dungeons, even if you dont help clear. Even if they decide to nerf the amount of dungeons u have to complete to 5 each, that is 25 of one dungeon for each stat.

The only way I can see this being possible would be for you to 8/8 a char, run dungeons until you are about to break 150bf, then delete the character, rinse repeat for each star for every class


make an alt and pretend its your main


20 bf on each char and you lose light blue


or, you could just only play one class forever???


well then ur fucked man. You would have to do literally 1 dungeon on a char then delete. You would have to 8/8 200 characters per class in order to get all of the completes that you need+ be ready to abandon the dungeon if your bf comes within 5-10 fame when the boss is dying or else risk going over on completion.

All i can say is that you are braver than most and i look forward to seeing your progress on you bold yet foolish mission

#9 woah


He only mains on Archer just to protect his light blue star. Well maybe because he only likes to be that.


I’m confused why I have to do 1 dungeon on a character - correct me if I"m mistaken, but the class quest for fame doesn’t trigger until I die right?

I’m assuming I can keep completing dungeons on the same maxed character and then deleting it when all exaltations are done


It gets triggered by both death and base fame, so completing one lost halls you will probably get 150 base, which gets you over light blue star, if you do that on all classes.


I’ve been using potion of max level (let’s me get to level 20 without passing 20 fame) so I can unlock new classes without advancing stars :sweat_smile:


Wow ok never mind, I thought it was upon death. If it gets triggered by reaching the base fame then it’s impossible.


not nessacarily, if you leech the entire dungeon then u might have a chance+ you could always max lvl 1 chars and then u would be able to do alot more dungeons since each enemy is only allowed to give 1/10th of your max xp for that level


Wait, did I miss something? Exaltation?? 16/16???




I remember reading that post a while back, but I must have not read it all haha. Exaltation sounds great. Took em long enough TBFH.


That kind of reminds me not making an 8/8 for a random reason (like up to 7/8).


Interesting - so technically I can bring in 8/8 level 1 and just get like 500 exp from killing o3. In that case I guess it’s possible to 16/16, but to 8/8 level 1s is insanity