Make O3 portal timeout


Right now the O3 portal lasts forever (i.e. until server reset). But I don’t see why this is necessary. Any necessary preparation, such as checking the players with Runes are still there and no-one else is missing, asking any players not up to it to leave, can be done in a couple of minutes. What it does do is encourage toxic behaviour, when e.g. some random group of players claim it is their ‘private’ O3 run and everyone else should leave, and refuse to open until they do.

Contrast that with the WC portal. With it disappearing after 90 seconds if anyone wants a private WC they have to persuade anyone else there to leave/not join, whether by bribing them or being nice. Rarely happens now but I’ve had it happen in the last year – two people wanted to do a WC together so asked me to leave and I did.

So have the O3 portal time limited too. It should last longer than the WC portal as it needs additional organisation but not much more. If the timer runs out without all three Runes being supplied then it vanishes and everyone gets their Rune back.

Does that mean undesirable people mught get into ‘private’ O3 runs more? Sure, as there is no such thing as a private run. If they are not good enough they won’t last long anyway. Or the people with the Runes can use them another time.


See, I think people who make posts like these should have some “experience” with doing “private” runs before they can make a judgement call on this type of stuff.

The difference between the WC and the Oryx’s sanctuary is that while incs are common and cheap, the runes for an o3 run are very rare, and can cost an o3 group upwards of 3 decas per run to buy from other players.

There’s a difference between a “good” player and a player who can “last long” at o3. While good players can pull their weight in small groups, players who simply “survive” are dead weight in these small groups, and only serve to extend the boss fight by 30 seconds per player, with little or even negative contribution to the group.

The upside to running with a small group of players is that while you all contribute more to the cost of buying runes, you also have a higher chance at a guaranteed top, and in general will get a more efficient run because you know you’re with competent people. Removing the competency in these small groups with dead weight players not only decreases the “tops” drop rate for the players actually paying for runes, but also makes the run less safe for the entire group, due to the increased hp scaling and uncertainty in the other players.

The downside here is that runes are more scarce, and your group isn’t guaranteed 50+ glife per run (1 guaranteed per person) to fund a run. It’s also easier for specific individuals who use unspecified 3rd party software to follow the runs around to mess up runs, as it only takes 1 person to counter o3 in every phase in a <15 person group.

You say this like people are obligated to pop their runes for random players in the realm, which we’re not.


I want to agree with this on principle - but having done O3s the last few days, I see that there is plenty of scope for people to make a run significantly more dangerous for the group. It’s not just that players who don’t damage the bosses make a run lengthier and therefore more dangerous (that’s still a somewhat defensible issue - players need to be able to learn) - the Sanctuary offers many opportunities to screw over the whole party through bad play. Dammah’s initial counter, bad decoys on Leucoryx, not focusing the right coin in Gemsbok, decoying Beisa and of course - activating Oryx’s shield counters. I have been in public runs that have failed for some of these reasons, and it only wasted the time I had put into closing that realm. If that had been a crashed ‘private’ run - the time wasted would include the time I spent finding runes (or the value required to purchase one).

O2 never posed a fraction of this punishment for poor play. Even in the old days, it was just a cheese-fest of assassins and wizards booping for their soulbound damage.


No, no-one is obliged to use their runes when there are players around they don’t want to take part. My idea would not change that. All it would do is drastically shorten the time it takes to resolve this.

It’s worth highlighting again the way the WC portal works. It disappears after 90 seconds. Imagine if the WC portal was there indefinitely. Then you would have people sitting by it with an Inc, refusing to open it until people they disliked left, waiting perhaps for many minutes until everyone got bored. The fact it disappears stops this happening and is a deliberate and sensible design choice. So why not have the O3 portal do the same?


to be honest instead of changing the oryx 3 portal to be shorter, you should make the wc portal last indefinitely too imo. If there is someone really annoying and toxic (not gonna call any names, but 1 name should come to mind with anyone I have played with), the popper (who has either paid or farmed for it using their hard work) is under no obligation whatsoever to let them in. OR: Any of the rune poppers/Inc poppers reserve to right to /kick anyone, since they are the one popping. Downsides: An annoying person could pop an inc and refuse to let anyone else in, etc. Way to fix this: 30 seconds after a WC portal is opened, it closes, and can be unlocked with another Inc by a more amiable popper. Again, after farming/paying 3 decas (a considerable asset) into 1/3 of a very rare dungeon, its definitely their choice whether or not to admit randoms.
“What it does do is encourage toxic behaviour, when e.g. some random group of players claim it is their ‘private’ O3 run and everyone else should leave, and refuse to open until they do.”
Well, if the small group claims it is their private O3, and they are the ones with the runes (refuse to open until they do) it sure as hell is! They are the ones paying/grinding for the runes, and if they have the assets and skills required to take it on, I doubt they will really be randoms either. And not all good players are toxic; many are really nice. I don’t understand how asking others to leave so that they can do their o3 run and not popping for some actual random to crash and potentially ruin the run by triggering counters, etc, is toxic behaviour. And refusing to do so isn’t hurting anyones feelings; it’s just trying to keep it safer for themselves. To say the contrary and that refusing to open until they leave is toxic behaviour is very entitled, and (not saying u are, but) exactly like something a Karen would say. But yeah, maybe implement /kick then, or extend WC inc as well( allow for multiple instances in that case… yeah)


No way. I mean the WC portal has disappeared like that forever, and its mechanic is part of the lore of the game. It should not be changed unless there’s a compelling reason for it, The same goes for adding the ability to /kick people if you are the WC popper.

It’s the O3 portal that is new and broken in that many people are unsatisfied with how it works. Different people have different complaints about it and frankly my proposal doen’t fix most of them, but it would help remove some of the toxicity that arises from the complaints.


Here is the difference: O3 Minibosses/Bosses can get countered, each of the minions are deadly, bad decoys can destroy the whole group. An entire run can be scuffed because of 1 person, while the same thing remains untrue for O2. Now, if you have an inc and there is a d-bag who you don’t want to pop for, it is understandable, although a bit annoying; You are technically in the right b/c its yours, but people have begun to feel a bit of entitlement to an inc, which is somewhat understandable as well. I don’t think the /kick would be unreasonable for O3, if not O2. It is not broken simply because someone does not want to pop for a random who they have no idea about in terms of skill/experience and their compatibility with the group.


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