Make Rotmg a Non-MMO game[the idea of a new separate version of Rotmg which is not an mmo]


No, it didn’t use the ROTMG sprite sheet. It had 16 or 32 bit sprites I think, and the inventory on the right reminded me of realm. When you would mouse over your katana the little window that pops up showing you the stats and stuff was the same as ROTMG too I think. You moved with WASD and clicked to shoot, it wasn’t turn based. Tried searching for it on kongregate but I can’t find it. I swear it exists though.

Those games look neat though, might look into them

So, as I go through my old kongregate account I am finding some neat things. Man was I cringy back then. I found a post of my first white bag though, apparently it was a Cwand! It was so long ago I didn’t even remember. “Just got this 2day i freaked when i saw it. It was a cwand n wis pot!” - April 11th, 2013

I believe this is the game:
I am just going off the thumbnail alone and the comments I left on the game. I would like to run it and see, but I don’t trust the swf player that is recommended.

Found a comment that says “this is just a boring realm of the mad god” so I’m 100% sure this is the game I was thinking of. Was a pain to find, kongregate only lets you search for a single tag at a time. Would have been much easier if I could have searched for “pixel” “shooter” “RPG” “dungeon”, but oh well. I found it in the end

I don’t suppose any of you know how I could extract the .swf file from Kongregate? I used to be able to get it from the page info, but I can’t find it anymore. I still have flash projector from back when realm used flash, so I’m pretty sure it should work for other games too if I could just get a hold of the .swf file that way I’m not downloading some sketchy program


I kind of get what you’re going for but like most replies here being an MMO is already a key part of RotMG…
Although a story/campaign mode might be rather interesting as it could be the closest to a ‘private’ RotMG one could reach for realistically in the game.


I honestly think this is a great idea, especially because it would be a more pure, community focused version and all in all I just think it has a good feel. It will probably never make it past an idea, but a good idea it truly is.


I mean some1 is bound to create a pserver about that someday. all we can do is either learn realm coding or wait.


Not going to happen. I mean in theory yes DECA could do it, but the negatives far outweigh the positives.

The server is not a normal app that you could run on your PC, it’s designed to run on Amazon data centre servers. So they could not just release it as-is, they would have to repackage it perhaps with a database server, with language tools (I don’t know what it uses: Java? Python? – anything like that is not normally found on a home PC).

There is the concern about pservers – if they release the server it might be a boon for pservers who currently use an old version of the server code. Preventing this by e.g. hardening the code so it is protected like the client would be a lot of work and probably only slow down hackers.

The biggest problem though is: is there really a market for this? Would people pay money to play with just a few people over a poor connection to someone’s PC, when they can play for free with thousands on Amazon’s massively, globally, connected servers.

Without a lot of people willing to pay it makes no sense, especially as it would take people away from the main game servers. This probably also means doing something without DECA’s involvement won’t work either: there just won’t be enough people interested to justify the development effort.


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