Make tiered bows armor pierce?


that would make them useful which would be cool right


The point of the tiered bows was never “kill high def enemies”, it’s always been crowd control. Imagine how many bows you would just straight kill off if bows would armor pierce.


I think bows in general ut and non need a rework not just the tiered.


I’ve wanted this for ages. Tiered bows get triple screwed by defence. Even something like partial armour pierce like on skulls would go a long way to making them not absolutely suck against anything higher than godlands.


Maybe they could ignore 20 def like a necro skull


Imo, just move their triple-shot niche to an already existing UT, and make them fire a single shot instead.

Even if this is a change I don’t personally like, I think making them more consistent will be better for balancing reasons.


You know I forgive WS for many things, but bows have always been one of their weirder concepts, requiring the player to stand at melee range to do full damage just isn’t a good fit at all with archery/bows, thematically. The threeshot cone attack thing fits better with a spear or something, or even daggers, to simulate a blitz of attacks at close range, but also the possibility to hit from afar.

And given so many players ditch the threeshot and opt for a singleshot UT at the earliest opportunity, I’d agree with what Seelpit is saying, rework the higher tiers to singleshot, and make an UT which replicates the current threeshot for old timey’s sake. [Edit: and recycle the threeshot concept as an entire new weapon type such as spear, for some new classes, since it is a fun thing to face tank enemies in order to get full shots in.]

Some bows could do armour pierce, the crossbow-style ones perhaps, but not all tiered (IMO, though if balanced right it could certainly work, I’d merely prefer not).


Armor piercing arrows? Maybe on an UT from an end-game dungeon, not the general status quo for all bows.


No… bows are already nice, even tiered ones. Making them armor pierce would make them insane, if not god teired unless you drastically drop base dps. Still it feels more like a UT thing then a general teired thing.


No, it would make them both OP and less interesting. No tiered weapons amour pierce, all have a degree of scaling with enemy armour, with bows and staves worst.

But what you have is UTs with higher shot damage, some a little higher some a lot higher. A Doom Bow in particular deals so much damage that armour is irrelevant (except for colonies and the boss in Parasite Chambers which have 2000 def until armour broken).

What bows do have is multiple shots and piercing. This makes them uniquely good at clearing, whether midlands for pots or exp, or dungeon rooms. Even godlands with care – you can use them to clear some groups, by circling which lets you dodge while close enough for all shots to hit, and helps corral them in one place. Not all groups as some groups of mixed gods their shots are too dangerous to get close.


If you’d make a bow armour pierce you should either drop the damage output of said bow drastically or like @MyNamerr stated: ignore some amount of def of the enemies.

I feel like you could also make it so that armor piercing bows can’t hit multiple targets.


Fully Armor Piercing is too much. Probably at most, each shot would just ignore x amount of DEF. I don’t see what’s wrong with that per say, since then they’ll be much nicer to use from where they currently stand (as some of the “shittier” tiered weapons, mainly because of their 3-Shot pattern). But at that rate, you might as well change how the tiered bows work in general, it really doesn’t make sense nor does it feel good to use an Archer/Huntress until you get some UT’s.


For a long long time everything armor pierced (i.e. armor didn’t really work). I always enjoyed the way tiered bows functioned in that environment.

Personally I like the idea of using dex to control number of projectiles on tiered bows. Give huntress more dex and archer more attack, so one is a sniper and the other is good at crowd control. It would screw with the functionality of tshot and dbow though.

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tbh that’d actually fit way better with their respective part of their niche - Archer doesn’t need dexterity that much considering that he’s not fit for that role, and Huntress would love to have some extra dex to cover more ground (with bullets, that is).
Can’t say that I like the phat +12 attack from wearing the armor, ring, and trap from the Swarmin’ Huntress Set though.


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