Mana and Life Exaltations


people do it for the damage, you need 4/5 in all stats for max damage bonus


Kinda off-topic to the stuff we’re talking about I’d say. Since we’re talking about Mana and Life exaltations, not the other boosts that come with exaltating your character.

Also, you’re insane. That’s epic.


Additionally, I’d like to add that it’d not a single chunk of 25 hp, instead it’s split into increments of 5, and doing tens of dungeons for say 15 hp is even more underwhelming. I think you’re right c:


…that’s not how it works


then how does it work?


arguing that it’s split into increments isn’t a viable argument, as you could also argue that any less than +5 of any stat is also underwhelming. it becomes worth it in the end, there’s no reason to buff it because of increments.


These are O3s we’re talking about, they’re not easy to access and find like nest or fungal, let alone do. They’re both underwhelming but at least it’s a mostly easy and quick grind for nests or fungals, the lower tiers are allowed to suck. But doing that many O3s just isn’t on the same level, it doesn’t need to be near the other stats in terms of power (mana would be just for consistency, doing the MBC before void is still hard) because they don’t require anywhere near the same level of skil.


exaltations aren’t supposed to be finished in 1 day, that’s why the o3 exaltations is the only balanced one because the others are too easy exploitable. you really want +25 permanent hp for completing 10 o3’s?


so you want to make non life exaltations even grindier to bring them in line?


that’s unrelated but increasing the amount of dungeon completions won’t help (and will also trigger me if they’re all different amounts) since the existence of keys and discord’s are a thing


It’ll definitely help. Do you seriously think discords are so efficient that 100 dungeons are nothing?
Since you were the none who brought up balance, what would be an efective solution then?


these exaltations are necessary to get the +10% dmg though


Ya know, some of us would like to participate without third party software and overgrown children telling us how to play the game.


uh, yes?


Last time I checked an overgrown child was an adult