Mantis Egg Conspiracy Theory


So back on the 7th or so for our daily log-in reward, we received a rare mystery egg. Now, I do not believe that it was truly a mystery at all. On my main and both my alternates, I got a Mantis from this egg. Two of my other friends also got a Mantis from this egg. I thought it was a major coincidence at first, but obviously 5 people receiving the same goddamn worthless pet is not a coincidence. If you can remember what you got from your egg, please share. I think DECA ripped us off with a bunch of stupid mantises.


i ALSO got mantis , with trash abilities, ended up releasing it, very weird…


i got a jalapeno


Fed mine :man_shrugging:


i also got one! OMG THIS TRUE? Deca stop playing games with me so scary…


Stop hating on matinees smh


I just got mine out after seeing this and it was a baby dragon.


Same, tsk tsk Deca.


Jalapeno > Mantis
Good to see that there was SOME variance.


i got a jalapeno


Think I got an eagle, but definitely wasn’t a mantis


Same. I got Jalapeno with shit abilities.


Hey now. My Mantis has been good to me. (I know, not the best order of abilities. LoL.)


Lol i also got mantis


Got my third mantis from mystery egg now


Jalapeño is what I got


I got a jalapeno.


I got a Mantis as well. And a few days later I got a rare mystery egg from oryx and guess what, ANOTHER MANTIS.


I got mantis too, my brother did aswell


I got a mantis from the egg as well…

Which was great as my only other rare was a insect