Map Reading Guides ( Sprite World & Snake Pit ) Finished


Starting with the Snake Pit…

You enter a Snake pit, you start in a circlish room, you can have up to 1 - 4 splits ( don’t think it is possible having anything above that )

If you have 2 or more splits you can have an instant troom, splits are breakable walls, each wall has 100 health.
( Fun fact breakable walls, not just Snake Pits, Oryx Castles, Mad Labs, can give accuracy up, but that is not a thing anymore )

Trooms can only be left or right splits, an example…

Since you started in the starting room, the up splits or down splits will be a normal room, there are rooms that can be rectangles or circles, big snakes only spawn in circle rooms.

There are 5 splits from Spawn to Boss ( NOT INCLUDING SPAWN OR BOSS ROOMS )

Trooms can have splits inside of them, they can even lead to more trooms, or dead ends, if you walk past a troom it is 100% not the boss room path.

Bonus things to look out for when searching trooms, if you have 2 splits leading left or right, the upper one is most likely Troom, if it’s a dead end the bottom will have the troom most likely.


You see, the bottom split ( leading right ) the T room is too big to fit, because it faces North, because the upper split leads right. In the bottom right you can see Trooms having 2 splits, leading to a Troom. Top right are the room types.

Snake Pits can sometimes have weird paths, like I said pay attention to how big the rooms are and how many rooms far you are in.

Circle rooms can have different sizes, if the boss is on the other side, then the map reading should be easier at least.

Using this as an example, drawn by me, boss room can also have multiple splits, might even be a Troom path.

Now lets show an example of bad maps.


The bottom, looking like the most believable path, is a dead end, and the left path that squeezes above the spawn room leads to the boss.

Also not 100% sure but I think rectangle rooms always have a split and have no dead ends, also they have the medium sized snakes I think guaranteed, and only the medium ones.


Boss Battle Tips

( only first phase )

Just rotate with it, if you are good with screen rotate or micro movement, rotate with it very carefully, and avoid the knife shots, this way both shots don’t hit you. ( Don’t know how else to explain that )

One more thing I forgot to mention, sometimes there will be no splits at all and straight to boss, if so you are incredibly UNlucky.

Sprite Worlds aren’t that big of a problem, but going over the basics.

Sprite World Map Reading is useless if you have any tricksters that can teleport, but just random things I want to say.

There are 5 splits from spawn to boss, there can be loops ( very rare )

Since the rooms are small and not many, pay ATTENTION to the minimap, if you see the red dot ( boss ) go to the closest split ( depends on how far the boss is )

If you spawn near the boss room, check the boss room itself, see if there are any splits, boss room can have 1 or more splits, if you see a split in the boss room, go to that split. Example…

Don’t worry about the shapes, this is an example, sprite worlds don’t look like this, its always square rooms.

If you have 3 splits ( none facing towards boss ), example is if the boss is down from spawn, the up split is a dead end, left and right can lead to it, pay attention in the boss room, if there is a right split from the boss room, it is 99% the right from the spawn. Unless it’s a random split leading nowhere from boss room.


Certified correct by snakepit rushers gang


With the new Sprite World, this might change, I already quit the game so I can’t play to figure it out.
It will be out soon


yo that’s awesome I learned something new about troom thank you

Do I have to run Snake Pit and Spirit World over and over again?

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