Marble Colossus Discord [Survival Discord]


Hey guys! a few of us have gotten together to form an MBC/ MBC chain only discord with Full skips and Full Clears with a decent amount of rls from a few servers (more to come!). We’re a small server at the moment but would love your support and to check us out if you have time/interested! Thanks so much guys, cya in game


Just out of curiosity, why would you only run MBCs? Aren’t voids generally pretty useful as well?


don’t see a reason to run on a dedicated server when void runs are a thing either, if you just want mbc you can nexus after


Just trying to accommodate to those who aren’t fully willing to do voids/ just want to do MBC. Voids can be done if the RL and raider would like to do them once the chain is over. Thanks for asking :slight_smile:


As someone who enjoys playing melee classes I find MBC whites better to farm (always need to have a breastplate). Mbc chains are so much more efficient because 1) its one less boss you need to do, 2) you don’t have to set up a 5 minute afk check each run. 3) If you don’t feel like doing voids you don’t have to wait extra time for the group to finish before you join the next run.
Its not necessary but there is a small demand to it


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