March infographic: the Obituary



These are fascinating. Awesome to see one again. Proves:

  1. there is a lot more people playing the early-mid game then I feel like we often give credit.
  2. LMAO there was definitely a wlab event… bigger killer than O3 :rofl:.


Grinding rainbow pots is mainly what I do still, and sprite/snake/udl are safe, regular, reliable, fast grind so those bosses get killed a lot :smiley:


But then ppl are still lazy to farm their own and instead spamming 1 GLife for 2 Wis or somefing like that.


It’s great for relative noobs / safe players like me that riskier players pay so well for rainbow :slight_smile: Means I get to make 8/8s pretty safely and rapidly without doing the harder dungeons as you say (admittedly only made three 8/8s so far tho)!


I mean yes, you can get to 8/8 easier but then once you can get Lives/Manas without trading, you will find out become pretty much worthless and breaking the in-game economy.


I…I’m sorry craig… but your mother…