Marks? [is it worth taking them?]


I have a small question for you guys. Do you take marks, and why? Is it worth it, or do they just take up valuable space?


it depends on how much storage you have. When i have the space, i personally store just the marks for the mighty chests, (I.E halls, shatts, fungal, nest)


Yes, I do. I store all marks related to the ‘scout the’ missions, and any that get mighty or above quest chests. I admit, maybe I shouldn’t have about eight vault chests and seven characters with backpacks filled with marks, but most days I get two pots and one or two quest chests.
Because of that, I always have a character I don’t play with loot boosters on, and it adds up fame/loot/life/whites pretty quickly. Totally worth it, as you don’t really go out of the way.


Depends on what you do. Keep all the marks from the harder dungeons or dungeons you know give a might quest chest + (Oryx, LH’s, e.t.c). However, don’t keep sprite world marks -_-.


I try to always store marks of the rarer dungeons, but not any from dungeons that are easy to farm on demand when I have that quest (eg. Shatters=save the mark, Snake Pit=don’t pick up unless it’s today’s quest. Tomb=save, Abyss=don’t save, and so on).

And then it’s down to space available. So if I’ve run out of space and I’ve already got 8 Esben marks then I won’t pick up any more of those.

For the godlands dungeons, I only usually complete them for the mark in any case, so the choice to pick up the mark is usually “yes” because I’m in there looking for the mark in the first place.

With less space (I have an alt with 1 vault) I don’t store any marks UNLESS I really want an epic chest (eg. Nest) because those chests have the unique items in them.


Largely no. The only marks I store are the high end ones that have specific chests for them - Crystal Entity, Nest and Shatters. I don’t do LH at all.

All the other quests except “scout the dungeon” quests require far too many marks to store or even turn in for what they’ll give you, and the scout quests are easy to run on the day if you want the potions. It’s just too much inventory space for the common dungeon quests and the supermajority of epic quest chest ones are once per realm bosses like Megamoth that you probably won’t even see because they’ll be dead instantly, and it requires you to store 4 of them.

I feel the same way about Nest/Crystal Entity/Shatters marks except I value the potential for red bags higher than 3 vault slots. If I was lord and dictator of ROTMG I’d make every single mark quest require 1 at most - they’re daily quests, they should be doable daily.


I store all types of marks (even novice dungeons). They are hell valuable to me.



Aye, same as the others above me - BUT! I also try to enter any Caves of a Thousand Treasures that people call, as that quest only requires a single mark for a mighty chest, which is mighty fine.


I normally try to save for a single mighty quest and wait until I get it, because I only have 3 vaults and 2 char slots :sob::sob::sob:


oh am i stupid?
i thought it was like crystallized mighty chest or royal mighty chest or whatever, and the regular purple ones were still “epic” chests


I currently have 3 tcave marks sitting in my vault, and I haven’t seen an Effigy quest in weeks. I hate the Tinkerer.


Those are called the epic chests, you have them reversed.


The original two tiers of chest were ‘Epic Quest Chest’ and ‘Quest Chest’.

When it changed to four tiers the ‘Epic’ name was moved to be the new top dungeon-specific chests, and ‘Mighty’ was brought in as the new name for what was the old Epic. ‘Quest Chest’ became ‘Standard Quest Chest’ (and ‘Beginner’ ones added).


yeah i know about standard and beginner.


LOL, I have 16 of them to spare. But hold tight, the quest will come. The quest selection is greatly relied on RNG.


How many vaults do you have?


I have 66 vault chests.