Mashing Nexus


I’m not posting here to beg for my char back, but I would like to know if anything can be done in general?
I tp’d in an abyss and got shotgunned to low hp, and started MASHING the nexus button and he just, wouldn’t, leave to the nexus. i pressed it a solid 20 times in the three seconds it took me to die after that… is there anything to be done, or is that considered reasonable circumstances to tell me to “f” off?



dude thank you :smiley: however this is not my computer nor can I use flashplayer :confused: this is awesome though. I feel like you should put this everywhere, for everyone… lol


It’s in most threads having to do with this as well as my profile, can’t spread much more than that.

so are you using steam?

2a. Replace “flashplayer_??_sa.exe” with “Realm of the Mad God.exe” for steam


No I have to use chrome, and my mom wouldn’t like it very much if im saving scripts to her computer. its killer :confused:


Shhhh just don’t tell her and replace with “chrome.exe”. I guess the closest alternative is having the force quit/task manager end process open and ready to click when you play. Or pull out your ethernet like RMGnoob.


hmmm… Ill have to consider that… I refuse to lose another character to inability to nexus :thinking:


Just hope shes not trying to do a bunch of work on the internet and accidentally clicks the hotkey


Easiest way for me is to refresh the page, since I use the browser mainly. If I find I’m lagging, focus on refreshing rather than nexusing.


I would recommend trying other browsers. Edge seems to work much better than chrome for running rotmg, for whatever reason.


This is true. Chrome is basically the worst browser you could use, lag-wise.


Are you sure you were masking the right button? sometimes I mash the wrong one ie) I mash e instead of r and die horribly


does that oh shiet work for mac and steam? i just died 1/8 wiz to brutes, just looked at discord and brutes shotgunned shit.


Steam yes, mac IDK


i rarely die because of apps but this is the only time i died because i opened something on accident. fucking brutes just wreck u


if you’re playing on chrome and refuse to get flash then thats your problem, any browser is garbage for realm.


Maybe you died, but your health never lowered to tell you that you were dangerously low.


fairly certain lol it’s f


Not so much as refuse as it’s my moms damn computer and I can’t put stuff on it because i was explicitly asked not to.


ask your mom for your own, or to get flash, its not like its a virus or anything, it wont lag the computer at all.