Maximum Achievable Speed on Ninja and Samurai


Well it is just to say that you can get 12 spd on Ninja with Heavenly Magatama and Daybreak Chakram / Reikoku instead of 10 with only a Candy Ring to be the fastest.
Same goes on Samurai with the ring and katana of ninja set instead of a Candy ring.


What would this set get you on ninja?:

60 SPD, +10 (ring), +7 (2 ST pieces bonus) = 77 SPD, plus speedyspeedy.

Samurai could get:

60 SPD, + 5 (waki), +10 (ring), +7 (2 ST pieces bonus) = 82 SPD.
Second try. Samurai would be:
55 SPD, + 5 (waki), +6 (armour), +5 (ring), +7 (2 ST pieces bonus) = 78 SPD.

Although tough to beat this bad boy girl:

60 SPD, +3 (staff), +1 (orb), +6 (robe), +10 (ring) = 80 SPD, plus speedyspeedy! Though the orb does have a cooldown, unlike the ninja’s star, boo.


The highest stats per class are all shown on the wiki in the sections for the class (shows wrong data for the samurai tho)


That’s cool and all, but…

…Samurai can’t actually use Leather armors. You know that, right?


lol samu could get spd from st warr armor


ye the most spd is st katana blue thingy ability st warr armor and the st ninja ring to achieve most spd (83) @Nevov


Big oops. Fixed now, and wiki updated.


I already reverted it back ;)

Ohh, I see.
It’s still wrong though - Samurai’s max base speed is 55! Take a look at any player’s maxed one and you’ll see - meaning the max speed possible is 78 for Samurai.


God damn it I must have looked at so many pages. :disappointed:
3rd try lucky! Edited now:


Ho my bad I’ve totally forgot that samurai couldn’t put leather armors too ^^
So for Ninja it would be:
Reikoku+ Daybreak Chakram+Leaf Dragon Hide Armor+ for a total of 7 (2nd ST piece bonus) + 6 + 10 = +23 SPD

And for Samurai :
+Wakizashi of Eastern Winds+ Zaarvox's Heart + Amulet of Drakefyre for a total of 5 + 6 + 5 + 10 (2nd ST piece bonus) = +26 SPD

Say me if I’m wrong or there are better options


Hm tricky with the ninja, I mean that is a higher SPD stat, +23, true, but it doesn’t have the speedy on that star, so it would work out in practice that the speedy set is faster (unless quiet).

…Although looking at the warrior page, that is what’s on there, the pure highest stat combination for SPD and it is with a non-speedy helm. Yep, I’ll update the wiki with those combinations (edit: done). Good work.


Yes same goes for :
Rogue which would be in fact faster with the speedy of Ghastly Drape and Archer with the new Quiver of Shrieking Specters.

(sry it seems that I can’t put more than one picture in a post while I’ve done it just before)


Some of the speedy times are quite short so it’d be interesting to do a race between players to see if the speedy set works out overall faster or slower than the max SPD set.

That’ll pass once you’ve read enough topics to qualify out of being “new”.


The speed formula(in tiles per seconds) is 4.0 + 5.6 * (spd/75).

Speedy is an OVERALL 1.5x multiplier on tiles per second. Use this information as you see fit to do calculations.
I didn’t wiki this, I have it memorized :stuck_out_tongue:


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