Mech Suit Battle Pack - (Gundam anime skins) my first sprites / skins


Mech Suit Battle Archer wip (this is old sprite will upload better one later)

Fixed Knight Skin sprite sheet:


Making new universal skins depending on the weapon the class uses / deleting the specified skins besides the knight and redoing, archer skin would be universal though


I’m assuming the skin uses the color white. I heavily advise outlining.

Some tips on making really awesome sprites:

  • Shading - It makes pretty much any sprite look way better

  • Saturation - Lower saturation and adding a bit of gray can make things much easier to look at.

  • Never use pure black/white

  • When shading, limit the number of tones to two or three

EDIT: I made this as an example of what I mean.



thanks I will take what you said and edit it. this is my first skin and actually my first sprite/pixel thing i made.but i see what you are saying an appreciate it, i’ll take your advice next time and try to edit the current one aswell


Your artwork definitely has potential! I remember my first idea didn’t even have a sprite.


im going to redo all of these and polish them later cause some of the sprites look a bit random atm especially the pally but i might just make them all look somewhat the same like what i did with the knight/warrior/archer but change colors.


made a energy crossbow/rifle i might try to shade it a bit more or something thoughv2(1)

All sprites atm:

Helm of the Mecha Overseer, Power Core Prism, OryxTech Scoped Railgun, OryxTech Digital Katana, OryxTech Plasma Seal, OryxTech Cybernetic Quiver, OryxTech Ion Scattershot, Mechanized Scrap Skull, Mecha Scrap Plating, OryxTech Plasma Blade, Removing the vibroblade thing, EMP Poison/grenade, Scoped Energy Rifle, Removing all the plasma blades besides the purple one

also here is the first sprite of the dungeon lol
you are going to also have to save guill as the bounty hunter mecha overseer guy captured him. I’ll make a new thread about the entire dungeon when I’m done with everything. including skins being redone etc

OryxTech Cybernetic Support Tome resprite : v3(1)

also ik i have changed the names of everything like 50 times ill figure it out lol
Made a dagger that would blend more with the poison in game “OryxTech Voltaic Energy Shiv”


Also “OryxTech” is a Starwars “BlasTech” reference and the dungeon will be called ‘OryxTech Cloning Facility’


Fixed the Knight RX-78 mech knight skin “Mech Suit Battle Knight” I actually really liked this one personally especially compared to the previous one I tried but I know there are some errors in the shading especially the side eye/visor pixels should have been swapped i think :


Sprite Sheet:



you should make the backround darker, it blends with the skin a bit


thanks i will do that next time, i didn’t know how to add outline without distorting the image so i just made background lol. im also going to see if i can find a guide somewhere about shading to make everything look better


Hi! gotta say these sprites have potential however I think they all need to be shaded a bit better. Also they should just be a bit darker in general. But other than that gj


thanks ! i’ll go over the shading a few times and look at some guides on how to shade properly


Lore / my made up concept idea thing for the dungeon:

With Commander Calbrik entering the realm Oryx needs something new to fight him with, so he created “OryxTech Industries” (Starwars BlasTech Industries Reference) and created a cloning facility for a bounty hunter he hired to defeat Commander Calbrik (accidental but I thought was cool Jango Fett Starwars Reference / Cloning Reference) But the bounty hunter also has captured Guill so that he could try to clone him and have infinite HP/MP potions for his fight with Commander Calbrik I also thought this was cool as is meshes with the UFO / starwars han solo skin / r2d2 skin introduction with the new starwars references

With the addition of the UFO event and all the new items from the dungeon I made I feel like a new class could be created that use energy weapons / energy rifles instead of making them for bow classes. (This is just another thing i came up with off my head and thought it would be a cool addition) A master chief reference skin / halo sskin for the new class

Class name Ideas : Bounty Hunter, Cyborg Mercenary, Cybernetic Gunner

  • Energy weapons Would also have a unique sound effect similar to the Kidd Force Staff

Ability Ideas:

  1. Wrist Rocket - shoots a missle projectile that does splash dmg/aoe on hit

2.summons a robot / probe companion for a few seconds that helps fight in some way -(heals/attacks etc) would work like a drake egg or pet I guess and could summon mechs or unique / cooler robots / mechs for UTs/STs

  1. Bola - throws a net/bola (kinda like rengar from league of legends) that inflicts some sort of status effect / slowing effect

  2. Call in a an energy cannon strike ( advanced type / modernized version of an air strike) This might sound redicuolous but it could really just be a simple laser that shoots down onto where your mouse cursor is or something so it doesnt mess with vision in game. Sounded cool imo but might also sound redicoulous if you aren’t vizualising a small laser beam or something rather than a huge explosion lol. This could be like a Death Star Reference sorta aswell lol. A in game sorta of visualization of this could be the thicket last boss lightning that strikes

this is just a base idea to make the energy weapons have their own class as the dungeon I made has energy guns that drop and think it would mesh with the game imo. I also feel like this would be cool because of all the different types of energy and types of energy weapon designs that you could make for UT items (Minigun, Sniper rifles, shotguns machine guns, Solar energy, Plasma, Ion energy etc and could make your own kinda like how fallout has the “Cryolator” and you could make unique / cool names for UT weapons like that. Or something like how the Needeler from Halo works would also be a very interesting idea imo if it is possible to make a homing weapon.

I remember there being old gun sprites in the game but I feel like energy guns would spice the game up a bit and adding more modern stuff to the game would be cool. (just my opinion)


updated some sprites i looked at some shading tutorials but i still see some errors in it. i’ll keep fixing overtime and as this isnt really over skins now i’ll make a new thread instead next time about the dungeon. the helm i made the shades too close i think or something so it all just looks like one color but i shaded the visor slightly. will keep tuning overtime till i like them and keep going over tutorials and stuff to learn. i also made a chain kunai thing but im trying to figure out the shading before i upload it but i think the shape is good atleast. the chained kunai will be a ninja star but witha chain that will boomerang back to the player like how the worm father event shoots those gem shots that boomerang

v3 v3 v3 v3

I really like the saber design/shape compared to the last one but I know that it could also use better coloring or something

Power Core Prism, Helm of the Mecha Overseer, Prismatic Energy Sword, Cybernetic Quiver.