Meme Thread




I play with 45 most of the time. I use camera rotation only when I’m doing bosses or rushing, but I’m used to 45 so it’s kinda like an ocd type thing to keep it in 45


I play with very heavy rotation use and heavy use of offcentering, that is unless I’m trix, rogue, warrior, paladin, ???, or knight


Aren’t you supposed to use offcenter with trix


Depends on how you play it, I occasionally use offcenter when I need a better decoy or a longer teleport, but most the time I’m not offcentered in order to have an easier time using the dagger


me trying to level an assassin:

“lmao let’s try that again”

Stupid realm moments?


no words needed


Icky would be disappointed


@ _ Solosen : exists

i aint pinging ye cuz ima nice person

ArkRumierA N I :b: :b: A S :

Guess what i found out from 20 minutes of research.

you are doing great job

I’m sorry bois but I had to


When you play minecraft after 2 years :


I don’t remember this being added…


owo what’s this


Has command block in inventory…Not suspicious at all…


Are you serious? Never have I ever been more offended than I am right now. You really think Minecraft doesn’t qualify as good gaming? It’s one of the most competitive games out there. You have to not only survive an onslaught of spiders, zombies, skeletons and other scary monsters, but you have to actually MAKE things including a house to survive! That’s hardcore dude. And Roblox is a great social network for gamers to create with virtual legos, which as we know, are the literal building blocks for creativity. Gamers thrive off creativity, which is why Five Nights at Freddy’s is the best out there. Every sequel gets better and better, and you have the BALLS to put it on this stereotype meme? Really? Only real gamers play these good games, anyone else that hates it just hates it to be cool. Seriously. Maybe you need to become a real gamer instead of bashing quality. So what if I’m 12? I still articulate better than you and your silly memes. Btw I love my Dell laptop. Get out of here with this crazy absurdist meme of hatred. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going back to Minecraft; I have a house to build, and you’re not invited.


uhh, why??

um, yes, it does. It’s actually a pretty neat game until 1.9 pvp. It’s still ok after 1.9.


you call that hardcore boi…
i managed to beat ender dragon on 1.12 hardcore mode, wither, yet to be done :stuck_out_tongue:

Roblox, I hate it but I have nothing against them.

OH WE TALKING ABOUT HORROR VIDEO GAMES??? *brings in literature club

I just said I played minecraft after 2 years :c

Yeah i agree with the last part, but the game got ruined by community filled with 9 year olds… RIP


I dont care. Why would I care about your age when you have higher mental age then other players?

my silly meme? it was just a picture of billions of stacked Tnt minecarts exploding… what do you mean silly?

Why did you even put this

what i never hated tho…

Sure, go ahead.

autistic screeching




Jesus Christ I literally just found some random persons rant on Reddit and posted it here :laughing: Don’t take it so seriously lol




holy shit all parts of that joke flew over your head


the joke