Metagods II


Previous thread was closed, but this ripoff it still going. They just posted a new trailer, describing it

" So many developments upgraded, yet many more Metagods updates are still to be released!! NFTs staking, New boss & class, Social Hub you name it, we got it!"

But the “social hub” is just the same badly edited screenshot of ROTMG lowlands they had on their website months ago (see the other thread). Apart from that there’s a couple of seconds of the tech demo they had months ago, and footage of someone playing a game on a mobile but shot in such a way you can’t see any of it – it could be a different game.


Wow does this ever look bad… and NFT staking as the very first thing mentioned in the video… I can’t


This is just odd. They posted it to twitter a few times but it was also posted to reddit which is easier to repost here. It’s, er, different. Superficially the same but utterly different art style: modelled edges instead of blended as in RotMG, 2D wall models, more restricted colour pallete, modelled shadows. Most importantly it’s not using embiggened pixels but 1:1 art especially for the one enemy. And it has Japanese text.

What does it mean? Is this a new style to be added to the game? A new style for the whole game (so the previous tech demo gets ditched)? Or just an utter fake using artwork from another game?

My guess is the third as that would be typical of them. It looks too good to be by the same people as made their tech demo. It would explain the Japanese text too – ripped off from some obscure Japanese game. But even if not, adding a whole new art direction is wasting time, for a game that was originally supposed to be released last year.


Just to highlight this, the game was supposed to have shipped months ago.

The “Path to Ascension (V 1.0 Game Release)” occurs in that initial roadmap in Q1 2022. It clearly didn’t. It’s shipped by a quarter twice so far. The sudden new art direction suggests further delays.

Games get delayed all the time, that’s not unusual. What is highly unusual though is them using the time to do things not on the roadmap, such as land sales, staking, Gleam campaigns. All things to earn them money or social media mentions. Instead of dedicating their efforts towards finishing the game on time.

As I wrote in the other thread, I’m not here to persuade any RotMG player this is a scam. Experienced gamers won’t be taken in by a project which keeps asking for money upfront despite repeatedly missing deadlines, run by people hiding behind the anonymity of crypto and social media.

If someone asks about Metagods though do point them here. Or to the excellent Web3 is going just great, which documents many similar scams.


A longer look at the curious new art style with sound, from YouTube. It sounds like repeated SFX from a 16-bit game, mostly not synched to the ”gameplay“.


AMA (ask me anything)

Highlights. The game is now due out in July ,but not the final game but Alpha v0.0.1., which anyone familiar with software development knows means something far from actual release. It’s highly unusual to release a public alpha; most developers defer any public release until late beta, and even then tightly control access to it.

Mobile is due a “few weeks after the alpha launch”, but that seems highly unlikely. While you can release unfinished Alpha software on the web you can’t on mobile app stores, where software being finished and working is a basic requirement.

Apart from that lots of complaints about the value of the currency and NFTs tanking. This is not particular to Metagods, the whole crypto market is down 2/3 or more from its peaks. But it does destroy the main argument for buying into a game like this, to make money. Here is one interesting reply on this

This is a huge concern of ours as well. With the current market conditions, it is quite hard to get traction the old way. Quantity was the bull market play, quality is the bear market play. The only way we can get traction is to build an amazing product. The guilds are already ready to activate their scholars and players, so our DAU can get up there.

So it’s going to be Amazing ! Somehow though I doubt this sudden refocus on delivering a quality product is going to make any difference.


New roadmap:

So what does a roadmap need that this one’s missing? Dates. Smart, I guess, as it means next time they miss a deadline they don’t need to change this.

The ticks are by things that are done, so everything up to Phase 3. Next up Phase 4 including both Alpha 0.0.1 and “App Release”. I presume that’s the mobile version but as I noted above you can put anything you want out yourself on the web but Apple and Google won’t let you distribute unfinished software on their platforms.