Metagods II


I am not sure how a scam is “good”. This one seems like the vast majority of game scams. Up front with hype, a flashy website, an ambitious roadmap. Then start selling NFTs, ways to multiply your investment such as staking, land sales. Announce partnerships and other deals to make it seem like there’s a lot of interest.

But at the same time don’t deliver a game. Keep changing the roadmap so it’s always out soon, but never released. Keep showing ideas, art, even screenshots and footage, but these also keep changing. Eventually when you’ve run out of ideas, or run out of people stupid enough to buy your worthless tokens, you close it all down and walk away with whatever people paid in.

Almost all crypto games seem to follow this pattern – they are obviously not working on an actual game, or at least not one anyone would want to play. Which means eventually it will close down, and the tokens, NFTs, land parcels people have bought will all become worthless.

There is only one exception that I know of: Axie Infinity. That was actually a playable game, for a while, even if the gameplay mostly consisted of people in the third world grinding the game mechanics to earn crypto. But its market collapsed at the start of this year, when the rest of crypto crashed, driving away players. Then hackers stole $620m in crypto from it, making it even less likely to recover.


It’s been pretty quiet on the Metagods front. Well, it’s a scam so what else would you expect? They are clearly never going to release a finished game. I don’t know why they haven’t just called it a day and shut up shop, as the lack of activity can’t be attracting any new customers.

Curious image posted to Twitter. It looks more like a finished game than anything they’ve shown recently, but a totally different game to the dungeon crawler. There’s no reason this has to represent anything though: it could just be two pieces of character art and a generic background assembled in a graphics package.


What do you mean? Street fighter is a well known dungeon crawling bullet hell game. Clearly nothing wrong here.


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