Mid/End-game Guild: Deathpoets now recruiting!


Where the Pen is Mightier than the Sword :fountain_pen::crossed_swords:

Looking for an active guild that doesn’t carry the burden of rank structure and drama?

Our 9 year old guild strives to become a haven of excitement and adventure for players looking for a fleshed-out community of committed individuals without all the drama and political correctness.

Private dungeon events and drop parties are weekly, with changing and upcoming events posted on our discord. Our staff consists of RLs/9+ year veterans. Join now and become a Poet!


1 8/8 or 2 6/8’s and 5k+ alive fame.

HAVE THICK SKIN and maturity (I won’t sugar coat this for you. We aren’t tolerating politically correct cancelation. If you get offended easily, this guild isn’t for you)

Language: English

Make your realmeye public

No Cheating: Hack client use is forbidden (you may do a bit of nontoxic trolling, some tomfoolery if you will)

Contributions necessary: Play the game regularly, participate on discord. We’re not gonna go clash of clans clan-war crazy on your play time… but if you up and disappear for a year, we will presume you dead and hold a small funeral in your honor.

NOTE: Anyone is welcome to apply, even if base fame/character requirements aren’t met. Staff accepts applications at our discretion. However, making your realmeye public and Hack client use isn’t a skill issue, its a moral issue. In regard to cheating, our guild has a 0 tolerance policy.
How to apply: Go to the Discord link https://discord.gg/98atKPB and submit an application under applications, where it will be viewed by staff ASAP. We are always looking for great staffers so if you’re interested please apply! Thank you so much for taking your time to read, the community is what makes ROTMG great.

DM me for any questions


Voiltare, huh. Idk I haven’t heard this phrase in a long time so I guess I waned to point that out


Mhm, sick that you picked that up man!


invite me senpai :smiley:


best guild ever


Thank you!




Yes! Our guild hit top 10 USE!! Thank you!


gimreaper is such a noob




Mean :L


up still looking for people !


u can add me if u still recruting @mmaacciioo


Join our discord and we’ll give you member if you meet requirements!~ We have no rank structure and are looking for new people! We’re now top 100 and over 1 million guild fame!


Some of our requirements have changed! We only require 5k base fame!


Just an update: some of our guild values have been more clearly defined.

We’ve changed our realmeye description, and have decided to move our guild in a direction that promotes a certain set of values. We want to advertise a pro freedom-of-speech experience that players can feel welcomed in.

After much discussion, our guild has decided to be a no political correctness zone. People can say what they want, everyone is equal… no politics, no BS. Just wanted to let everyone know we’re still actively recruiting.


henlo am 48 years man from somalia are u still loking for membrs??


Always bro squad up, join our discord


Just updated the guild board with current reqs and our banner :slight_smile:


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