Mime Skin


Maybe a better pet? I can’t really nail down a class for this.



Trix already has a jester skin so maybe rogue? It has all the meme skins. I would suggest making the face paint more accentuated, and perhaps making the black suit’s different colors more contrasting


Hey, this look better? I’m still not sure how to handle the suit. I wish I could make stripes work in such a small area, but that’s going to take quite a bit of effort.

Also, changed sipping invisible tea to pulling out flowers. No reason.


And I agree with the rogue thing. Invisible walls ≈ invisibility?


ideally last update. Worked a dagger into his performance, now he’s a rogue.



Holy frick I love the flower thing. It really looks good. This skin would make me want to play rogue if i had it


welp, unless I think of something better I’ll put this into next contest and see how things go. Also, thank you!

Yeah, I don’t care for playing the rogue or most rogue skins, with the exception of the box rogue, so I need incentive, too.


Yeah, rogue is pretty much only good at rushing and soloing (imagine soloing in a co op game) and trickster arguably rushes better.


I think it’s better without the weapon, like, imagine if mimes actually did things without needing real items eg. stabbing, throwing explosives, its humorous in game while being terrifying in real life


I considered that, but it might come off as too …existential? I mean, a street performer having a dagger for self-defense still makes sense and using prestidigitation as a way to conceal his attacks works into the rogue thing a little better.


I like playing rouge with the Cloaked Descendant skin or whatever its called.


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