Miner event with everything active


Impossible to capture it all in a screenshot, but this Miner event yesterday seemed to have every phase active at once, There was a red Cavecrawler, large green and blue mushrooms, and smaller mushrooms of every colour, with the Crystal Worm Father active too.

No idea how it got like that as it was like that when I arrived. It was a Realm that had been opened for a while, which I jumped into when the other Realm went to Oryx, farming for book pages XVII and XIX. Not too hard to clear sniping from the edge and shooting whatever I could tempt closer.


multiple miners spawned on the same place at different times? too much DPS? idk


No, was just one event. Everything I could count easily (Cave Crawler, Crystal Father, large mushrooms) were there in the exact number for one Miner event. Just all at once. There were also a lot of small mushrooms, impossible to count but there were clearly multiple waves due to all colours being represented. If there were multiple events then we should have seen e.g. additional Cave Crawlers once the mushrooms were killed, multiple Crystal Fathers, etc…


My best guess is that somehow the transitions for the event went :crab: and instantly skipped to the Father, somehow?
Wouldn’t bee too weird considering you’d need a helluva lot of transition requirements with all those different enemies, since noneExist requires a list of enemy IDs, and (I think) doesn’t accept “group” IDs.


I saw it again today. Again it was an event that had been left for a time, as it was not visible due to other events. The Realm was reasonably active with 10-20 people; the first time the Realm was empty when I joined and walked to the event.

This time it was only the first three waves at the same time. Pretty sure it was all three from the number/density of them, as well as there being more than two colours of them. But no large mushrooms which appeared in their wave once all the smaller mushrooms were cleared. After which the other waves proceeded normally.

So it’s as if there’s a timer which starts waves, even if the previous wave has not been cleared, based on the time from first activation. Maybe it’s a safety feature, to deal with mushrooms getting stuck in walls which has happened occasionally. Leave it long enough and all the waves can start, but get to it earlier and you might only have three waves active at once as in this case.


I think I have one possible clue on why this happens. If an object isn’t currently being rendered by anyone, then its behavior can start to become a little erratic.
I don’t know the exact details, but a simple example is the Spectral Sentry. Normally, it rotates around the arena at a decent pace. However, if you carefully look at the minimap when no one is nearby, you can see how it “jumps” to the next corner every so often instead.

I believe this is because of their tickrate getting messed up. Somehow, they try to execute their “lost” behavior within the span of time that they didn’t; probably whenever they hit a transition - hence why the Sentry jumps to corners; once it’s at a corner, it transitions to its next phase to keep moving.

So somehow, because of the spawning objects being left unrendered - no one nearby - its regular check for “is everything ded” doesn’t work, and stuff just…overspawns.

(@ kiddforce pls fix)


Only one miner can spawn per realm.


You would think. But then there was the time when you could get two Avatars in a Realm and it broke the game, or at least broke both Avatars

So if somehow two Miner events appeared it probably would break, perhaps like this. Pretty sure that’s not what happened though.