Minor Exaltations


Since the release of exaltations, I’ve always wondered what it would be like if every dungeon in the game had its own exaltation. Additionally, many dungeons have become completely irrelevant (for instance Tomb of the Ancients) and extra exaltations might provide more incentive to do them. The problem with extra exaltations is that the current ones each take up a stat and adding any more would require the need for extra stats. There are several stats that you cannot increase with stat potions or gear such as projectile lifetime or ability cooldown, however there are only several of these so to make any more exaltations, you would need to get creative.



Some of these are really innovative! I like most of them…

  • a little concerned about Hive’s DPS boost given it’s difficulty.
  • why is LOD exalt a hindrance :sob: imagine getting invisible when you justed wanted to use hp pots in 03 (unless it’s merely an additional effect.)

I assume you would still be 8/8 to get them (or maybe dungeon dependant… Let gravestone difficulty dictate stat reqs or something? Eg: 1 grave dungeon=no reqs for exalt, 2=level 20, 3=3/8, 4=6/8) :smiley:


This is good. I only read the first 2 things and it’s already good, though some do the same as stuff that some armors do. (cem and water robe, 3d and the matrices)

Only a couple things that I didn’t like.

WLAB and Maze’s split highlighting really puts up a middle finger to people who can map read.

Hive’s DPS boost is way too big for how easy it is. Also, it beats Nest’s DPS boost by a long shot, so I really don’t think this is balanced.

Theatre’s buff… is just not that good. It could be really bad when you are playing rogue or, just being invisible in general. IMO it should give you a resistance to paralyzed of some sort.

Lab and encore have problems too. The reason why colo users and some avarice users hate bard, is that inspired does not account for the frequency of shots that have an amplitude. If you want to increase shot lifetime (or speed), you need to increase shot frequency by the same factor.

LOD’s effect better apply the dragon potion thing as a secondary effect and not override the +100 hp, because if it overrides, even less people would do LOD.

HTT’s burst, do you mean time between bursts, or time between per shot in a burst? Dex, berserk, and fire rate affect time in between each shot in a burst, but not the burst delay.


hell no, I don’t wanna have to do godlands (or even worse) dungeons just to get exalts, the 6 exaltation dungeons are already more than enough


Snake, sew, cdepths, mt, hive, para too OP

Wlab/maze exalts should just be changed completely.

Would you still get the exalted skin just for the current exaltation dungeons or would you need all of these as well? Would you need to be 8/8 to get these?

A major problem with this idea is that dungeons like shatters are already bad enough to exalt, imagine doing LoDs and tombs aswell. At least shatters drops crown and good forge.

On top of this I don’t think these dungeons are not done because of exalts its because of power creep and enjoyment. For example if o3 was not an exalt dungeon people would still do it however if tomb was an exalt dungeon you’d find quite alot of people just not doing it as it drops nothing good and is overall just a chore to do so I don’t think it would really solve the issue of these dungeons not being done.

Besides its not as bad as you make it out to be, dungeons like wlab are done quite a bit more than you make them out to be for items like leaf bow.


I actually wouldn’t mind as I spam godland dungeons all the time.


I forgot to add it to the doc, but I was thinking that minor exaltations would be completely unrelated to normal ones. To get the skin etc, you would still only have to do the main 8 exaltations. Maybe they would have their own reward or something


Yeah the LoD one was supposed to add on to the hp pot.


Please run 58,650 dungeons.

I like the ideas however I don’t really want to feel forced to run super weak dungeons and the buffs pitched are better than what the harder dungeons give.


yes but I’d still be missing on some ok-cool stuff and I’d feel forced to farm very easy/boring dungeons for the sole purpose of the exalt

i don’t think that’s a good way to incentivize people doing non endgame dungeons


I thought the split highlighting was a cool idea but it definitely fucks up a lot of things so I’m taking replacement ideas for that one.

I definitely need to change the hive’s boost. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Honestly when I was making the theatre one I was contemplating not putting it in because it seemed way too broken for rushing lmao. Maybe it would be disabled when you are invisible. Also note that it’s togglable so if you don’t want it you can just turn it off. I still really like the idea and don’t want to scrap it so if anyone has any ideas to improve it that would be cool.

Good point on lab and encore

Yeah I meant to have the LoD one as a secondary effect

Time between bursts. I was trying to make this one as an incentive to use burst weapons more but honestly it’s a pretty bad idea so I think I’ll just scrap it.


I was thinking that you’d need to be 8/8 to get them, but they would have no relation to the already existing exaltations. The skin would still require the same dungeons and maybe there would be a different reward for getting all the minor exaltations.


Also that’s a really cool idea about the gravestone difficulty. I had planned them needing 8/8 but that wouldn’t make much sense for easier dungeons


These are all far too OP, simply as all of the dungeons pretty much you can do easily once maxed, as often as you can find them. Basically all established players would be able to get these very easily, giving them all the bonuses listed. Even if they were reduced by 90% they’d be worth completing.

And giving e.g. partial resistance to damage/nerfs is pretty game breaking. If every established player takes 25% less bomb damage then it renders some battles much easier. Until the designers get around to boosting bombs by 1/3, which screws over every new player who’s not yet maxed that exalt.

Multiply that by all the effects and it’s a massive challenge to balance the game around. Loot drop boost are even worse – the developers could just nerf drops so they average out the same, so new players yet to do all the exalts have a much worse experience.


No, it actually does. Exaltations already sets the bar very high for new players. Most are difficult to go through and are not easily accessible. Also, making people run through these dungeons will put more rainbows back on the market.


Exaltations are not intended to be done by new players
You literally have to be 8/8 and complete endgame dungeons


I wouod rather have it where it doesnt matter what class your playing so it is universal but then double or triple the runs you have to do so that you dont need to complete 75 pirate caves on every char to get a fully exalted account. I personaly wouldnt mind because sometimes I farm low level uts for planewalker fp.


Good concept though some needs a change.


A lot of the ones you made are really broken. I also don’t want these turned into requirements for discords because you know they’d make it requirements to have completed your hive exaltations or some shit.

A lot of these are also just really abusable and I don’t believe this would actually make people return to realms under their own free will. They’d be returning to complete a repetitive, boring task to be able to participate in harder dungeons. Also, some either don’t make sense or I don’t understand it. The cave of treasures reduces contact damage, but I don’t understand this because all damage is contact damage (except for things like medusa bombs and lava) and then this brings up the problem of that such an overpowered buff is applied by doing a difficulty 1 dungeon, but doing 75 mbc only gives 5 defense.