Misadventures of Hellway and Nyx


I can change my image lol btw I like your realmafia comic that was nice


Thanks man, they’re fun to draw too :slight_smile:


Chapter 2: Old Bonds (Part 2)


The squad destroys a skull shrine pissing off old Oryx.
Bloodranz comments on Hellway’s recklessness but all in good nature.

S/N: Holy fuck I haven’t drawn this in a while.


Chapter 3: Lost Children (Part 1)



Percy has been looking after Rai after they found him unconscious or so he seems. The team encourages his work since he’s been feeling down. It turns out his patient has other plans though.

Making things work, slowly.


O.O you’re back

I missed these comics ^^

I know this is a weird question, but can one of my characters be in one of your future comics? If not, then it was worth a try hehe


Can I feature in one of them?
I was thinking to be the guy that announces your fame when you die, would be funny to get greeted by a dog upon death ^^


Why do you ask Taco :thinking:


Because it is realted to my question


It’d be fun to see us all show up in a ‘bonus’ story type thing

basic plot I thought of;

wierd new building shows up in the nexus one day, RealmEye, they provide information services and all of the regulars and large members of the realmeye forums are the guild running it.

something goes wrong and we have to go on a short adventure.

Maybe one of the forumers could die (pay respects to Glawi’s paden?) and Fluffe pops up.


Rip Solo’s spare time lol. That would take ages to draw

Would be fun to see though, I’ll admit ^u^


Lol can I be william?


doesn’t really need to be too complex if he doesnt want it to be

I might write up a story about it later, won’t be too long though.


I like it, maybe I’ll do it after this main adventure :smile:




image His name used to be ted, but since the box is now william.





Huge fan




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