Misadventures of Hellway and Nyx


I just drew my first thing in awhile. It looks pretty bad.
First time I ever drew something like this…


It’s cute! I can’t read what it says though


DivineOryx> OGMUR
InfamousX> What! You lucky furry!
InfamousX> Fake! Im gonna stalk you if you got ogmur
/g Not if I stalk you first

The speech bubble is Can I join your comics. Like can I be a character in one of your stories.

And the thing to the right is realmafia it says >vote abstain, >vote literature and >vote Niegil


Real subtle. :wink:


Lol I got bored in class so I wanted to try to draw best thing I can do is speech bubbles


BUMP Gotta make sure this thread stays alive.


The thread’ll last a lot longer than that without needing a bump friend



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