Misadventures of Hellway and Nyx


git will suun boi


me - If I had one lol


is it just going to be centered around those 3 or are you adding more characters as time goes on


speaking of palladins in parasites i got a para white using a palladin, so that has to mean your stuff is doing some kind of magic, exactly what i dont know


Going to add more.


Also I almost lost my Paladin to a UDL burst trap your predictions are scary AF


I mean, there use to just be 2


RIP sweet prince


Sorcerer’s Strength

Oalei isn’t having the best of luck, he vents his troubles to a mysterious sorcerer in the Nexus who then serves elemental justice to the demons that killed him.

S/N: New character! A young, sassy sorcerer with lots of wisdom and even more electric power. He travels alone with his flying bag demon pet whom he refers to as his familiar. I won’t reveal this sorcerer’s name just yet, but it starts with an R.

Also, I haven’t played the game in a while… but being able to zap enemies through the wall as a sorcerer is one of my absolute favorite things about the class lol


I’m still waiting for a mystic character
Clearly the wizard vaulted an orb…
Foreshadowing? :thinking:


That’s a gumball my friend.


Ah dang it, B&W makes it hard to tell (well mostly B&W)


the sorc name is (TNSN the ) Retard
have him die to an encore puppet sitting on it
much like in real realm


Which reminds me, do you take requests on the path that the comic is taking?

Other than that one question, I just wanted to say that I love your artwork.


Could you do one on goblin brutes?
Because I hate goblin brutes


I do actually, no promises that I get around to all of them though.

@Nameness 's intrigues me though.


Can you do a segment on people idling and flexing their items in nexus?
Would be great.


Perhaps, I had something similar in mind


Brutes and Peons

Credits; @Nameness

Rai tries to help Oalei stop being a noob for reasons yet unknown, and teach him how to survive. But he doesn’t have a priest’s patience and gives up on him when Oalei kills himself with a futile attack on a group goblin brutes.

S/N: I’ve always had trouble telling the difference as well when sewers first came out, so this was funny to me. Not sure if my art is staying consistent though. I wanted to give Rai some limelight and tell his story, but I’ll probably go back to the main guild of 3 next time…


Sorc op wizzy sux :ok_hand: