Misadventures of Hellway and Nyx


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at least they arent pile of sentient trash aka necro


Haha! I get slight credit for a comic!


Well, it was a good idea. Thank you




we’re reaching smug levels that shouldn’t even be possible


Looks like the face of a thicc girl I’d smash 10/10 hormones overloading not clickbait :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::joy::joy::joy::joy:



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I fucking love it



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Credits; @TacoRPG

The girls finally meet Rai who comes off as a bit of a jerk at first. As scornful of a loner he is, he can’t pass up a chance to show off like this. Oalei although flamboyant, even more so.

(The equipment in case it’s hard to read.)

Hellway: Cutlass, gcookie, acrop, pyra
Rai: Fallen, devastation, shendyt, omni
Oalei: Energy staff, T0 spell, deca ring boxers, Nyx’s gumball

S/N: Yeah I know, it’s kind of late. I can’t exactly say I’ve been busy either, I’ve just been unmotivated or planning future characters.

Do you guys like the new layout of the comics? Is it easier to read/follow? Let me know, and thank you for all the support you’ve given me!


It is much nicer to read zoomed in on spaces, might also give more freedom to panel placement if space becomes too tight. Was anticipating a Tlatoani joke, but the Deca Ring Boxers (Now In Stock)

Keep it up as always!


Thank you for the feedback, I deeply appreciate it. If it’s easier to read then I think I’ll continue doing it this way from now on.

Oalei’s going to have to git gud enough to do the forbidden jungle one of these days, all noobs grow up eventually :thinking:

Fallen, devastation, *shendyt*, omni, wow that is so good.

tl;dr : give Rai a ritual robe pl0x


Hmmm… no devestation


Also, what about Nyx? What’s her equip? Also, noticebly, Oalei got that eight pack




Nyx uses cosmic, krampus skull, soulless and hp ring

I’m not sure why I gave Oalei abs, he doesn’t even hit the gym lol

@ArkRumierA it was midnight when I drew this so I forgot a better robe than shendyt existed, ritual robe definitely is better for Rai assuming he got the freaking omni