Misadventures of Hellway and Nyx


I mean he is redstar after all :wink:




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Don’t you hate it when you get your first white bag but a stupid electric kid disconnects you before you could grab it?
Yeah, nothing personal.

I haven’t done a portrait for either of these two nerds, and I skived off of drawing a comic so here’s something to make up for it.

I’ll be honest with you, pens are a lot easier to control than markers, maybe it’s just me but I prefer the look of pens-only versus colored. But hey, I’ll get out of my comfort zone once in a while too.

Holy crap, I can’t believe this thread surpassed 100 already


took me 6 minutes to make


As Bitter as Snake Oil

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Rai’s attitude isn’t tolerable by everyone. When he insults Bloodranz in a snake pit, the brigand rogue shows him his place. The oblivious sorcerer isn’t the only one with a backpack…

S/N: Rai gets his just desserts after bullying poor Oalei. Really bitter dessert though considering it’s snake oil. I always imagined that stuff to be like sparkling water, but not carbonated.

Slanted panels kind of suck, they look awesome on a full page as shown in the arrow spoiler, and they add REALLY good suspense/action… However I got to grey out other panels so it doesn’t interfere with the content I want to show at times because I just care that much about OCD. :cherry_blossom:


well done

now I request of you a comic in which a clueless noob equips a super rare white bag item and triggers the shit out of everyone

if you do not fulfill my wishes, then thanks anyways


Probably would’ve happened had Rai not sabotaged him out of it.

I’ll let people theorize what white it actually was


In the bottom panel it looked like it said thic instead of hic




Extra thicc bulwark

dank meme

“Omae wa, mou shindeiru.”




Please do more, these are great


Alright, give me a moment


Heroes Wear Cloaks

Bloodranz saves Oalei’s loot from disappearing behind an unpassable cyclops castle’s moat, in return Oalei idolizes Bloodranz’ heroism.

S/N: It’s really rare for a rogue or trickster to teleport and save someone’s loot like that, but this is what I imagine would happen if it did.

Also, as some of you know, my old pen (PaperMate 1.0 M) died during Realmafia. It was easier to control density with it because the ink was weaker than this new one I’m using (Pilot G-2 07.) I used to draw with the pilots all the time but it’s hard getting used to it again because of how unforgiving they are with strokes and shading.

Anyways, I have an extra comic to show off as well.

Extra: Appreciation For Dark Mages

Necromancers tend to get bullied a lot, so it’d be weird if Nyx wasn’t effected by it somehow. Luckily she has Hellway to support her.

I made this comfort food as compensation for the inactivity. I’m glad you all still enjoy my work.

Full size comic


i was so inspired by this that i drew up some models for enemies that you can use!!!111!11 i took like 5 hours on this so i hope you appreciate it


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Healer Therapy

Full size comic

Because of Bloodranz, Rai storms through the godlands killing gods out of rage, while there he meets a priest in a lava fissure who has an unusual past time… And a scarier demeanor.

S/N: Something that really pisses me off is when people group around a lava fissure when say a 6/8 commits suicide. It’s the equivalent of people slowing down a highway to look at someone’s car accident.

I also run into a lot of priests that just sit there in the lava forever. I doubt they do it for trolling because that’s a weak excuse, so the next best explanation is sheer rage and depression from not getting loot/appreciation for their service. I’m not particularly fond of priests but I take the time to thank them for half a second if they save my ass from instant death.

Don’t bully the healers


That’s my new favorite comic, and it even makes a reference to my original favorite


Missionary’s Miracle

Partial credit; @EpicNecros (for the presidential polls idea)

Full size comic

Bloodranz almost experiences a painful death from a sneaky dastard ghost god Fortunately for him though, a godlands regular, Percy saves him from his demise. Bloodranz gives him sincere thanks in return.

S/N: Being saved from shotguns is one of the reasons I don’t bully priests too often, they’re MVPs when they want to be. I didn’t have a particular backstory for our wonderful healer boy, so EpicNecros’s idea was acceptable.


the fact that the percy listened to the entire 15-hour address is more impressive than how he saved bloodranz


Keep in mind this guy takes lava baths on the daily, therefore I’d say he’s more than masochistic enough to handle it :sweat_smile: