Misadventures of Hellway and Nyx


I cant wait for the canadian civil war between rmgnoob and Scorchmist

a war where shatter will die defending the syrup mines of his native village


As long as a priest isn’t TheHangman, he’s a good one in my book.



Credits; @TacoRPG

Rai is capable of fighting hermit gods alone, but Oalei accompanies him. No problem right? Well that’s what he thought until the lucky dastard got the helm of juggernaut.

S/N: I can’t tell if my drawings are starting to fall flat or not. Some feel too complicated, others too simple, some too light, and others excessively shaded.
I think I’m going to stop with the slanted panels too, they’re a pain when I have to crop the comic.

In my opinion, As Bitter As Snake Oil was the best drawn out of all of them so far.


If a Wizard Could Wear A Jugg:

Imagine if they could use Ogmurs too


So Gandalf, but invincible in the right hands… Then again he was able to use a sword.
Of course no one’s going to tell him that’s against the rules lol


Dead Day 1

I felt like drawing today, but not comics. So I did a bunch of doodles for the series instead. It was pretty fun, especially the one of Percy worrying over Bloodranz.


We haven’t see Hellway or Nyx in freaking forever


ikr, it’s more like “the Misadventures of Bloodranz, Rai, and Oalei” instead.


lol, don’t worry. You’ll see them both again soon



Logged on to bump this just in case. Good art cannot be forgotten.


Well, I haven’t forgotten about it… Just gotta get my motivation back.




Wish it worked that way in real life


lets bully sen into making a comic :fist:


Just reminding you, I stab people in the neck with my pens too. Gotta refresh the “ink”



Much to your surprise, I actually am working on something. Here’s something to hype you up for it.



Prologue: Betrayal

Rai and Oalei investigate some old ruins of a kingdom to find a legendary crown of power. However it ends horribly when Rai gets possessed by the crown and proceeds to kill Oalei, drunk from the power.
Will Oalei respawn? Perhaps…

S/N: This was supposed to come out sooner but I have two jobs now, really busy schedule at times. I am determined to keep my promise though, here’s proof.


PvP, in my realm? Rai is getting a nasty letter to DECA.

Great as ever, my friend, even though Oalei got dabbed on.