Missing dye mask: Iceman skin


so I’ve been working on an up-to-date dye tool that reads stuff off static.drips.pw, but I’ve run into a problem:

there’s no mask for the Iceman skin.

I can rewrite my code to skip over that section, but that still won’t make it work for the iceman skin. so the question is: where’d it go? I know it exists, because everyone’s fugly snowman isn’t plain white, but on the sheet where the masks are saved it’s just not there.

I didn’t want to put this in the trivial issues thread along with my other dye-rants because it’s a more complex problem that I need an actual answer to. I guess it’s not technically XML but for more people it’s close enough :wink:


It’s because what you are looking at is not used by the game but a leftover from when the mini-skins were first added and UGC in general wasn’t really set-up. The original sheet contained a revamped version of the Iceman skin that did not replace the original but they ended up simply replacing the original sprite, which is why this is leftover and unused.
The actual Iceman skin is earlier in the sheet, right under the Deadly Vixen skin, here’s the xml for it:

<Object type="0x0386" id="Iceman">


I’m not sure how I missed that there were two, thanks for clearing that up.




:sob: Iceman Skin is the best skin. No hate on it plox


knight at the round is the best one >:(


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