Missing Stars


Does anyone know if we are able to get our star count fixed because I have multiple characters in my graveyard and their base fame is past a level needed for a new star. I waited a while to see if a patch would come for it but it doesn’t seem likely so I’m just asking here.


Are you sure their base fame was above the threshold?

I’m not sure if the star system will end up retroactively accepting base fame thresholds on already-dead characters. I think the original update that changed the thresholds might have some information or explanation on that.


I know someone else who is in the same situation; I was also skeptical, but after checking their graveyard I can confirm that this friend is missing stars they should rightfully have under the new rules.

And the game definitely does accept base fame threshold on already-dead characters. I have five stars on huntress, and the only huntress I’ve ever had surpass 15k base fame died about a year ago.


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