Missions - DECA's Attempt at Guiding New Players


So Missions have been out for a while, and over the course of the last few days I’ve noticed something. The missions start out small, but what also interests me is the descriptions of the missions. They all state that stat pots can help you grow past level 20, or that you should Nexus if you’re not ready for Oryx’s Castle, or that Godlands enemies drop stat pots. This is all minor info that most players should know after already having played for a while, but that’s the interesting part. This is info that a new player would need to better understand the game. That’s why my belief is that Missions are DECA’s way of trying to guide new players in the early game. I’ve asked around the Realm, and a few new players have said it worked for them. Consider that whenever you create a new character, the toggle for “seasonal” is on by default, so new players will most likely make a seasonal char and see the missions, along with their descriptions. Although, I do find it weird that they had the toggle on for seasonal characters before they even released missions, maybe they thought they were going to release them sooner.

Now, I find this tactic very interesting and definitely effective, but I have a couple problems with this. First, new players will eventually find out that seasonal characters are different from regular characters, which is why they can’t trade and don’t have the same vault, etc. I know they can just convert themselves into regular characters once they find out, but I can imagine it still being confusing.

Second, and this is definitely a small gripe, but all the descriptions of missions as of now have many grammatical errors and lack punctuation. This isn’t an issue limited to missions, but also in other tooltips like the seasonal vault and some item descriptions. It makes these mechanics feel rushed for the sake of getting them out. DECA’s a company, they could at least try to look professional.

I like missions, they give more incentives to do seasonal characters (especially since before it was just more BXP), and they’re clearly guiding new players through the game. However, I find they can possibly be confusing and the poor grammar can seem unprofessional. I like the idea and it’s working so far, but I think it could be tweaked a bit more.


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