MLG QoT farming


If you’re not in a realm clearing discord, it can be very tedious to farm QoTs. Heres a guide for farming them efficiently.
The idea is to paralyze all of the Nature Sprites as they are spawned to stack them for easy killing. When they first spawn, they are invincible— meaning that your Electric pet is ineffective. In order to paralyze them and keep them paralyzed, you need two players: a mystic and a archer or huntress with ctrap. The mystic must have the Orb of Aether. Place one down on the Ent Ancient right before it finishes its buff phase (when it is about to stop flashing blue). The Orb will pulse every 1 second, paralyzing the sprites as they spawn. Unfortunately at the end of the 5 second orb duration, you will need to place down another orb and there will be a short period where the sprites become unparalyzed. This is why the archer of huntress comes in handy, as it will continue to perma-paralyze the sprites. One problem which may occur is that one or two sprites may escape if they are spawned between orb pulses. In this case, stand a few tiles away from the ent ancient and place down another orb of aether. The sprites run in circles around the player, so soon they will return to the others and be caught by your second orb of aether, where they can be chain paralyzed with the rest of the sprites by the archer/huntress. Once they are all stacked up, the mystic can kill the Ents which the Ent Ancient spawned, while the archer continues to paralyze the sprites. Once the sprites become invulnerable fire away, preferably with piercing weapons to make sure you can get soulbound damage on each enemy.
Note: as dps does not matter too much past the buffing phase, I recommend a tanky set due to the repetitive shots (after losing my first quiver of shadows to a nature sprite I can confirm the damage does add up). You may also want another friend to bring a knight to keep the sprites stunned


invulnerable* - being invincible would mean that any shots would pass through them.


Nice job u made here. Is neat to see guidelines to do stuff like this. It greatly benefits the comunity.



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